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How to Store Coins: 5 Key Tips for Your Coin Collection

Coin collecting is a popular hobby with money-making potential. In 2013, a rare, 1794, flowing-hair silver dollar fetched $10 million dollars at auction!

If you’re new to coin collecting, there are a few things you should know. One of these things is how to store coins.

Don’t throw them in a drawer! Your coin collection needs special handling and storage.

Read on for five critical tips for how to store coins.

How to Store Coins

Don’t worry about dirty coins. Cleaning your coins reduces their value. Instead, handle them with care and store them correctly.

  1. Book-Style Coin Albums

These deluxe storage options offer pages with clear plastic inserts. This allows viewing of both the front and back of the coins while keeping them protected. These albums do an excellent job of protecting your coins.

  1. Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Coin Folders

These cardboard folders are suitable for your less-expensive coins. The coin fits into a small portal. One side is displayed and open to the air.

Coin folders aren’t as protective as book-style coin albums.

  1. Coin Displays

Do you have a collection that needs showcasing on a mantle or bookshelf? Try a military coins display case.

There are several types from which to choose. Some are for table-top or mantle display while others hang on the wall. All offer proper protection for your coins.

  1. Capsules

Capsules are air-tight and seal around the coin. Foam collars hold the coin in place and protect the edges from damage.

  1. Coin Tubes

Do you need mass storage of a single coin type? Plastic coin tubes are a good option. The tubes hold up to 50 pennies or dimes.

They hold 20 half-dollars and 40 nickels or quarters.

When you’re putting your coins into display cases, tubes, folders, albums, or capsules, handle them properly.

Additional Tools for the Coin Collector

When it comes to maintaining and enjoying your coin collection, there are a few additional tools you’ll want.


Put on white cotton gloves before handling your coins. Your skin is full of oils that transfer smudges to your coins. Over time, this degrades the coins.

Keep several pairs on hand and make sure your guests wear them if they’re admiring your coins.

Loupe or Magnifying Glass

Coins are highly detailed. Buy a loupe or magnifying glass for inspecting your coins. You’ll want to see every detail. Make sure the magnification is at least 5X power.

Research Books

Before you buy a single coin, do your research. It’s unfortunate, but there are some scammers out there. You don’t want to buy something that ends up being worthless.

A good investment is the Official Red Book – A Guidebook of United States Coins. This book helps you understand the different types of coins and their value.

Pricing Guides

Invest in a monthly periodical such as Coins or Coin World. These keep you up-to-date on the latest coin pricing and news.

Handle Your Coin Collection with Care

Learn how to store coins and handle them with care. Your coins increase in value as they age, so you want to keep them in good condition.

Wear white cotton gloves and hold your coins by their edges. Keep them in proper display cases, folders, tubes, capsules, or albums.

Do your research before you buy!

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