Different Types of Dance From Every Corner Of The World

Dancing is a part of the culture in almost every country in the world. Music is also a way of expressing yourself in a completely pleasing manner. Most often, people consider the different types of dance as the centerpiece of traditions in many nations. You can find plenty of dance styles if you explore the values in different corners of the world.

Similar to songs, dancing has its own language. It speaks of happiness, romance, wisdom, power, and worship in many cultures. Individuals are passionate about dancing. Many dance lovers use Online Voucher codes to learn dance from online trainers.

Famous Types of Dance Worldwide

While dancing is not limited to a single place and adds rhythm everywhere, here is the most popular collection of different types of dance styles around the globe.

The Ballet of Italy

Ballet is one of the most admired types of dance in the world. It can influence almost every viewer and is recognized for a pretty long time. It dates back to the Italian Renaissance from the 15th century is still widely known among people.

The Flamenco of Spain

You have seen this Spanish dance in several corners of the world. Individuals love it for many reasons. Dance lovers have been appreciating its unique style vivid costumes in bright shades for years. You perform it with along strong arm movements and fast clapping. Flamenco is recognized by UNESCO too.

The Salsa of Cuba

The dance of passion and partners brings you the moves from salsa. It is a couple of dance where one of the two leads the dance while the other one follows. This typical partner style dance is always performed on a 4/4 beat.

The Samba of Brazil

With bright shades and mesmerizing outfits, this colorful dance style owns an Afro-Brazilian nature. It is an upbeat dance enjoyed at a two by four rhythm to samba music. Also, the dancers for this type wear large headdresses while performing it. You can find such costume pieces from any music store by using online discount codes.

The Charleston of USA

Many people are unaware of the different types of dance from history. However, this style dates back to the 1920s while it gained popularity in the United States of America. It is named after the city of Charleston, USA. You will find it as a charismatic and energetic dancing type involving kicks, twists, and flicks.

The Tango of Argentina

Previously known as a females dancing style, the tango has now evolved into a partner dance. It is an intimate couple dance performed in a ballroom. You can attract to it due to its romantic steps and mesmerizing synchronization of both the dancers.

The Can-Can of France

Some of the dance kinds are popular for their costumes and music. You will enjoy the rhythm of this dance performed in the dancehalls of France. It still carries its importance in cabaret and individuals appreciate it for the big skirts and synchronized high kicks.

The Brainy of Russia

Folk dance owns a class you cannot find in the different types of dance everywhere. This Russian folk speak of culture and tradition. As per the traditional facts, it was a hilarious and funny type of dance among people. Nowadays, it is refined and recognized for people; nonetheless, it involved knee-bending and stomping in the previous days.

The Jive of USA

Dance styles that originate from the United States of America are most probably enthusiastic and energetic. You will find the Jive moves coming back from the 1930s. It brings back the moves of African-Americans. You may find it lively and fast-paced. Most often, people know it as a kind of swing dance.

The Waltz of Austria

Ballroom dance is intimate and romantic most of the times. You can consider the Waltz dance as one of the perfect ballroom dance styles inspiring all other future ballroom shows. It is the traditional most of all these dance types and combines folk and ballroom dance. Most often, it is performed by dancing in triple time in a hold position.

The Pasodoble of France

Again, Pasodoble is also one of the different types of dance styles performed in a ballroom. It represents the overall look of a bullfight involving two partners. The male here shows up as the bullfighter while the female moves like the cape. You can find engaging march-like steps in this Latin ballroom dance.

The Zapin of Malaysia

You may know the Zapin dance in history as a religious performance by Malaysians. It has now grown to be a source of entertainment and engagement for people. One can enjoy this dance in pairs on traditional rhythm and music. Here, a symphony is created by drums, accordion, bongos, and gambus.

The Tinkling of Philippines

Different types of dance styles in every country do not involve any objects or props. However, tinkling is a type of dancing that revolves around stepping over and in between the bamboo poles. Dancers love this folk style dance by throwing, tapping, beating, and sliding bamboos on the ground.

The Marinera of Peru

When performing the Marinera style dance, you require a prop to continue moving on the rhythm. It is a unique coastal dance that dates back to Peru in terms of origin. Dancers use handkerchiefs as a prop in this dance. You may find it as a romantic and elegant couple dance.

The Capoeira of Brazil

This dancing category is energetic and professional. Talented dancers work hard to fit in this style of dancing. Capoeira is different from the other dances as it involves martial arts and acrobatic moves for the show. It dates back to the 16th-century symphony and dancing. Also, it is another dance style certified by UNESCO.

Wrap Up

All of the different types of dance styles discussed here represent the culture and traditions of the world. Most of the people involved in dancing will keep it as a necessary part of everyday routine.

While it is an attractive language for many, dance also partners up with your feelings during festivals and celebrations. So, enjoy dancing and learn new types every day!