Our Generations is unique and different from previous generations. Every generation has seen some transformation, and they were ahead of their previous generations. But, the unicorn factor for our generation is the speed of transformation and change we are experiencing. Baby Boomers and Generation Z are the ones who have seen the rise of T.V. and the current demise of it in the hands of YouTube and other streaming channels like Netflix. You can order a pizza by some clicks on your phone without interacting with any human. In a Tesla, you have a self-driving option, and the car is operating on the battery as its fuel rather than petrol or diesel.

This completely interesting life is happened due to one phenomenon along with human curiosity and creativity, i.e. technology. Almost every industry is either elevated or obsolete due to Technological Advancements. Technology or I.T is not a mere department in organizations anymore. I.T. Departments have gained the rise in their importance in their domains, but the bigger leap is their interaction and ability to transform other domains. I.T has grown horizontally with every department. Examples are the automation of manufacturing processes, digitalization of accounting practices, cloud sourcing of client database structures and many more. 

Therefore, the technological sector becomes high in demand in recent years due to a shortage of talent and relevant experience. Due to its sudden rise and multiple utilities in the business arena, the world is also experiencing a lack of relevant and comprehensive courses, programs and studies too. Therefore, the demand for conventional Bachelors and Master’s Program has risen too, as they provide the fundamentals to build upon the practical knowledge over it. One such program is the Masters of Professional Studies in I.T. These are not enough without practical knowledge and experience but can be a launching pad for your career in the I.T. sector ahead.

Since the industry is evolving and taking numerous leaps in the advancements, even non-IT people need to gain enough technical skills to work with them or at least understand their repercussions.

Let us explore some of the easiest ways to gain significant knowledge and skills in I.T.


  • Technical Skills Workshops:


Nothing can beat the conventional the effectiveness of classroom training if a student wants to learn. There are many technical workshops that universities offer for students and professionals working in the corporate world. Also, it is one of the great chances to network with the people around. They can be a source of experiential working for you and can be a possible connection for you ahead.


  • Technical Books:


Another great way to improve your technical understanding is by reading technical books. You can find basic books regarding programming languages to the advanced levels of complex applications. There is an abundance of books available out there in the libraries, and you can look up online for them too. One big advantage is that you can choose from the variety of books out there according to your current knowledge base along with the author’s level of experience. Similarly, it provides you with the convenience of attaining knowledge on your comfort, time and space.  


  • Volunteering with Technical Teams:


For better understanding, some people prefer to gain skillset by “doing” rather than “learning”. For experiential learning, one can look out for volunteering opportunities with the I.T. department in their organizations, universities or even online. In this way, you get the hands-on experience over the application, and it intrigues your curiosity to build upon your skillset.


  • Free Online Courses:


Another option to improve technological skillset is to look out for online technical courses at your convenience. Most of the advanced courses on specific technical applications and related complexities are usually offered online so that the majority of the people working around the world can simply access it and take benefits out of it. Google is one of the top skills courses providers around. They offer free training modules regarding the programs and technologies they have introduced.

Similarly, there are many online course providers out there that provide training, webinars, articles, podcasts, videos, etc. for free. Therefore, adding some online training modules in your schedules can prove to be a good time investment.


  • Stay Up-To-Date:


This requires comparatively little effort but can provide timely and relevant insight, something that can provide you with enough knowledge base to go forward. You can take out hardly one or two hours daily to check out daily tech news, industry experts’ blog posts, latest developments, etc. on the internet. This provides you with relevant understandings of the tech world and related advancements, which can help you in planning your efforts in the field.  


As discussed, through technology, it is the time of possibilities and enablement. Those who keep their pace with such developments will get the fruits. Whereas, those who don’t consider it important or simply not taking it seriously can pay the hefty price of such ignorance.