Easy and Fun Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas

Bullet journals are perfect for organizing your life and bringing structure to your daily routine, however, as we all know – they’re a complete art form as well! The artistic potential of a bullet journal is absolutely boundless, as social media often shows us. It’s very tempting to play copycat and try to reproduce a few cool designs you spied on your Instagram feed, however, it’s pretty hard and time-consuming to perfectly mimic someone else’s style. To feel more like yourself and create some amazing pages that didn’t take your entire week to do, consider using these fun and simple decoration methods next time you journal…

Practical stickers

Practical stickers include fun features like water tracking, sleep logging, weekly planning or special event schedules! These can be as gorgeously aesthetic as you like – it’s just a question of some digging on your favourite craft websites. Practical stickers are great if you don’t have the skill or patience to create the exact same graphic or design every single week.

Decorative stickers

Just the same as practical stickers, only less function-focused, decorative stickers are great for enhancing every page of your bullet journal. Your imagination and searching skills will guide you to the perfect stickers for your unique aesthetic. You can always combine cute designs, shapes and patterns with your own drawings and text to create something that feels a little more organic and unique to you. Be sure to keep an eye out for size specifications in the product description, you don’t want any unwelcome surprises when you open up your parcel! Stickers are so simple and quick, perfect for a fast-tracked bullet journal that still looks fabulous.

Washi tape

Washi tape is super cool, very decorative and perfect for adding some bulk to your designs. You can use your tape to create borders on your pages, cover up mistakes or just to add some colour to your headings and graphs. You can find this in any style you like, whether you’re looking for glitter, metallics, earthy craft, hessian, patterned, simple – you name it, you’ll find it!

Decorate the edges of your pages

The outside edges of your pages, meaning what you see from the side when your bullet journal is closed, have huge design potential! You can colour these with felt pens, paints or washi tape to signify different sections, page numbers or just for some tonal fun!


Stamps are an awesome, almost vintage way to add some excitement to your bullet journal. These are great if you want a repeat design that doesn’t add any volume or weight to your notebook. You can also stamp over other designs or artworks with a light hand for a very individual and interesting way of decorating.


Watercolour painting is a perfect way to add to a journal if you want to pre-establish your designs before you actually start bulleting. This should be done extremely carefully to avoid ruining every page in your journal, but with the right delicate hand, you can create something truly amazing.

Print outs

Print outs are super easy, quick and you don’t have to wait for any templates to be shipped to you. Print out designs and paste them into your journal for a foolproof design that will work every time.

Bullet journals have so much design potential! You don’t have to be a professional artist to create something beautiful and practical, any of these options will enhance your journal in an easy way!