Can Working from Home Improve Employee Productivity?

Over recent years, more and more employees are being hired to work remotely. Daily commutes to the office and back are becoming a thing of the past as employees work comfortably from the confines of their very own homes. But why this sudden trend?

Did you know?

Statistically, employees who work remotely work an average of 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts. This adds up to more than 3 additional weeks of productivity per year. 

In the past, working from home had a bad reputation. Business owners would envision employees splayed out in front of the TV instead of dedicating their hours to work. Today, there are more ways to keep track of this, like with cloud HR software. Regardless, it’s become quite the norm to employ individuals on the basis that they complete their tasks timeously from home. And here’s why…

5 Reasons Why Working from Home Increases Productivity

  1. It Reduces Commuting Time

Commuting to and from work can often take up a good hour or two of a day (if not more).  By working from home, an employee will have more time available to spend on being productive.  

  1. There Will Be Fewer Requests for Sick Leave

Flexible work hours are great for those who have families or other demanding obligations that they have to meet. In fact, flexi-hours are excellent for the employer too because workers are less likely to be absent from work regularly if flexible working is an option. 

  1. Less Stress Equals Happier Productivity

Juggling work and home life can be extremely stressful and exhausting. If an individual is given the means to work from home, then maintaining this balance is far easier and stress is reduced. It’s no hidden secret that a person with less stress is a happier individual. If an employee has a positive disposition, then they are more likely to concentrate and multi-task.

  1. There’s an Increase in Job Satisfaction

Employees who work from home tend to be more satisfied with their jobs. This is mostly because the flexible hours give them room to breathe in their own space. By working from home, workers can enjoy their environment without having the weight of someone constantly looking over their shoulders. 

  1. There Are Fewer Distractions

The workplace can be incredibly distracting and there are also always numerous interruptions. If one can work from home, then employees don’t have to stop working whenever there’s a staff birthday to be celebrated or when someone stops by their desk for a casual chat. With the absence of these interruptions, an employee is more likely to remain focused an in the zone of work. 

In a globally competitive world, remote working patterns are producing agile solutions that benefit both the employer and the employee. HR software allows the “boss” to track an employee’s performance to ensure that the work gets done while the employee gets to draw inspiration from their preferred surrounds. Essentially, business owners can push productivity whilst workers have the freedom to work during the hours that suit them best. 


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