The thought that women are weak, fragile, indecisive, and unfocused has prevailed in the world for so long that it has become more of a belief, an engraving in stone. Regardless of the field, women have been looked down upon for centuries. However, as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever; the 21st century has brought many changes in the world. From technological advancements to political and social conventions, the world has witnessed many positive shifts. But the biggest and most rewarding crowning today is the appearance and recognition of women on various platforms. 

Probably because the thought persisted for so long, nobody thought of giving chances to prove themselves or think otherwise of what they were told before. The truth is, women are capable of being so much more than they are given credit for. From weak, fragile, indecisive, and unfocused, women have proven themselves to be fierce, strong, smart, passionate, and exceptionally great at multi-tasking. Whether they are carrying a business, tying a family together, teaching, or anything else, they hold the power to make a change in their respective fields. Determined, passionate, head-strong, powerful, motivated, inspiring, decisive, sensitive, and there are only so many adjectives that can be used to understand what a woman is or can be. 

Even today, the world has put a limit and restrictions on what a woman can achieve and placed a question mark at the end of the sentence. But what they fail to realize is that the only question that needs to be answered is how restricted their minds can be. The criticism presented by the world is still monstrous and often results in women doubting themselves, falling victim to stress, anxiety, and even depression. But women support women and pick each other up. Among the people today, there have been countless women who have made efforts to make sure that every woman stands tall and strong on their feet.

One distinguished woman who had helped hundreds of women establish a stable life and become better versions of themselves, Kristina Johnson, is inspiring women all over the world. She is a 39-year-old entrepreneur, analyst, and a health & fitness coach, who lives with her husband and is working to help women regain control of their lives and come back healthier, stronger and happier than ever before. 


Nobody is perfect, and everyone struggles with one thing or the other. Even though women have built themselves stronger, they have learned to deal with challenges, conditioned themselves to face the consequences, and adapted to create a strategy for obstacles in every field; one question remains unanswered to every woman. The answer to how to live easier by having a balance of life as a business hard working woman in today’s world is what every woman is searching for. 

Women all over the world are successful, motivated, and working hard to achieve the next best thing. But they remain confused as to which direction their life is moving towards, what they should be looking forward to, or where they should be headed to next. This is the main cause of why women get chained with stress, encircled with hopelessness, leading to depression, feeling lost, and losing themselves. 

To stop this from happening and with the aim to pull women out of the spiral of hopelessness, Kristina R Johnson founded the Visionary Mindset Academy in, 2019. Her company is built on three blocks, which include honesty, positivity, and care. She is a firm believer that well-maintained health, along with a positive mindset, can make women happier, healthier, and much more determined in life.

Kristina built her academy in the light of helping women of all ages. She aims to help women understand that the journey towards a mentally stable life begins with self-actualization. This means that a woman has to accept her situation and be completely honest with herself. Kristina is a strong believer that women around the world need to be brought face to face with the fact that no one, except their own selves, can be honest with them. Taking this step is daunting, but the rest starts to fall in places. She believes, with honesty, women can find their true potential, helping them to succeed in their businesses, be satisfied with themselves, and enjoy their peace of mind. 


Kristina R. Johnson was born on February 14, 1981, in Dayton, Ohio, the United States. Kristina was not born as a business analyst or business coach, as a matter of fact, her life experiences introduced this industry to her. Since then, Kristina has dedicated her life to helping female business professionals reach their full potential. 

She has worked in a variety of different industries and companies, Japanese Companies in Ohio, and several others. She has also worked as a Claim Processor, Provider Rep, Medical Coder, as well as served as a Corporate Trainer. Her professional portfolio is diverse, and her extensive experience in the corporate sector has taught her valuable lessons. Acquiring the skills to tackle problems she faced in a workplace fearlessly, Kristina was convinced that she wanted to help other women facing the same problems. 

She decided to open a company, and for that, she traveled throughout the United States intending to create a trainer’s portfolio.  Passionate to help businesswomen excel in their lives, Kristina worked on her training sites and created training materials. She even came up with learning modules, worksheets, exams, and certifications. While preparing for the set up of her company, she went to Japan. Impressed by their stress-free lifestyle, Kristina picked up most of her training techniques from this very country.

Kristina took 2 years to prepare her company and finally launched it in the year 2019. With the company, she aims to use her knowledge and skills for encouraging women to build a positive mindset, realize self-worth, and spend a happy, and full life. 

Kristina Johnson is a business analyst, business coach and health & fitness coach who has completed three master’s degrees; in Business, Informatics, and Health Administration in December 2018. In 2005, she got married to Simeon who is her best friend, for which she considers herself blessed. She has been working with her husband to lay the foundation of her company.

Realizing that women often forget what they are capable of, Kristina aims to inspire women and remind them what they can achieve through her company, Visionary Mindset Academy, and her personal blog, Johnson Post.