External Vape Batteries: What You Need to Know About Them

In most cases, vapes come equipped with an internal battery. But there are many cases when a person would prefer an external battery. Those who travel a lot may know what it means to use such batteries. If you think that this is rocket science, then you are wrong. How they are used is pretty simple. And so is what you need to know about them.

Compared to internal batteries, the external ones usually allow the user to have a spare set just in case she or he is in a place where the device cannot be charged. Even those who use the device at home may experience some inconveniencies if they have to wait for the device to charge before they can continue enjoying the vape. Considering this, it is easy to conclude that external batteries are better.

Common External Batteries

As of now, it is worth mentioning that vape mods from different brands most often use the 18650 batteries because they are not too large but are very powerful. However, the current vaping market has seen the entrance of the 20700 and 21700 batteries that are very large.

They can either be lithium cobalt or lithium manganese depending on the maker and the intended use. Both of these chemicals have pros and cons when they are included in vape batteries. So, when choosing the batteries for your device, it is crucial to address this so as to get the best.

Battery Size Matters

External batteries are supposed to increase usability without adding to the bulkiness of the entire device. Although they are securely fastened in a provided case before a person can start vaping, too large batteries can become cumbersome. So, when you visit any ecig store to look for these accessories, let them strike a balance between usability and size. Make sure that they allow for a good grip of the vaping device so that you can enjoy the experience. As mentioned above, the 21700 batteries may serve one for a longer time on one charge but at a cost of their size.

Connecting Multiple Batteries

There are mainly two reasons for using multiple batteries. The main one is to increase the experience offered by the vape mod. If you are using an e-juice with a heavy throat hit, you may need to increase the power by merging batteries. Here, some rules apply depending on the brand of the vape device you are using. Usually, they will provide instructions that you must follow. Check out Eliquid.co.uk for more in-depth guide about e-juices. 

The other reason to merge batteries is to boost a weaker battery. Technically, this is not recommended, but people do this anyway. The weaker battery will be assisted in firing the vape mod to produce the desired results. To do this, the user follows simple battery-merging instructions given by the manufacturer.


It is evident that batteries play a significant role in enhancing the experience offered by the vape. This is why users are very selective with the batteries they use. With the above insights, both novices and experts in vaping will have a better experience when vaping.