How to choose the best cross country movers to handle a big move?

From moving your boxes to dealing with thousands of moving chaos, moving is a very stressful time in one’s life. But out of thousands of tasks, the most important task that you have to do is the hire the best, top-rated cross country movers who can move your stuff to a new location. Getting companies that offer moving services from state to state is easier to choose but when it comes to cross country moves, the task becomes difficult. Fortunately, these companies can save you from almost certain disaster during your move. Have a look at these tips and tricks to get reliable and trustworthy movers.

Employ two or more companies

Employ two or more companies at ones so a company fails to meet your expectations then you can ask for another option. Make the companies do in-person check-in to see your properties and to tell you the right moving quote. If you want to know some specific strengths and weaknesses of a company then you should check online reviews and testimonials given by the people.


Another thing that you have to consider is the experience of the company. Choose a company that should have been in the same business for at least 10 years. Don’t choose any chit and fund company which opens every second day and closes on the next day. Choose the one which can take responsibility when issues like property damage and failure of moving arouse during your move.

Check whether professionals are licensed and insured or not

Before hiring a company, it is suggested you check whether a company is fully licensed and insured. Else you may find yourself engrossed in drama or scams that many companies do.

Make sure the company do task themselves

Make sure the company you choose can do the task by themselves. If they are giving the same job to another company, would not it be better to hire another company? Hire the professionals who do the work by themselves and who take complete responsibility to move all your stuff safely.

Check out their storage facilities

Don’t forget to check out the storage facility, trucks and other equipment they use during the moving process. Make sure that the trucks they use to transport stuff are market permanently with their company’s name. It is always a great idea to know about the company as much as you can to stay ahead. Usually, many dishonest and untrustworthy movers have questionable signs on their rented trucks. So be sure to check all the equipment before hiring any professional movers.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors

Word of mouth is always a great way to find the quality cross country moving services in your area.  
Don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends and family for any kind of suggestions and recommendations. Ask all your friends, family members, and neighbors to whom you can trust. Most of the people are happy to share their good experiences therefore, they can offer you the best recommendations.

While a mover look good in papers or having a good online reputation but the personal experience can be completely different so asking will never hurt.

Read rules and regulations carefully

Before hiring any movers, don’t forget to read all the documents given. You should not sign any documents that are not fully explained and constructed properly. Neither should you sign a blank paper? It is always better to delay rather than to regret.

There will be a booklet that contains the detailed responsibilities of the company. You should forget the company that is not able to provide you the booklet.

Additional questions to ask cross country moving company!!!

  • Every mover company should have a registration number. You should ask the company about the registration number to make sure that
  • Some moving companies hire a small subcontractor to get their job done. If a company have subcontractors, it is advisable to you not to hire them.
  • Most of the cross country moving companies charge based on the weight and distance of the move, you should not hire a company that charges you based on cubic feet.
  • If there are additional transfers during traveling and the company is going to transfer your belongings from one truck to another in between then you should avoid hiring such companies.
  • Ask about any kind of hidden charges. Make sure to find out if there are additional fees that a company charges you later. It is always better to be prepared for all kind of additional cost so your move would not make you out of budget. However, insurance can make you pay the additional cost but still, it is recommended you to choose an insured company whether you need to pay the additional cost.

These are the things that can help you in finding out the best cross country moving company. Follow these tips and tricks to find out the best movers that can complete your expectations.