A Beginner’s Guide To Best Italian Flour For Pasta

Guess what? You don’t have to travel to Italy to taste the best homemade pasta. If you have the best Italian flour in your kitchen, then you can make the famous silky-smooth pasta at home. Getting the right pasta flour is essential because it is one major thing that can make or break your ‘homemade pasta’ game. With multiple flour types in the market, how do you ensure you have the best flour?

The answer to the question depends on your knowledge around different types of flour used to make pasta. In this guide, we will discuss pasta flour types and where to get the best flour to make pasta at home.

●    Types Of Flour For Pasta

There are many types of flour out there, but only two of them are usually used to make homemade pasta. One of them is all-purpose flour called ‘semolina flour’. It is a common flour in many kitchens and can be used for many purposes. Before getting yourself ready for homemade pasta with semolina flour pasta, it is essential to know that the flour comes in different types.

Semolina flour has a distinctive yellow color, thanks to the endosperm of durum wheat. It is high in plasticity and low in elasticity. Apart from that, the ratio of protein in commonly-used semolina is just above 10%. Such are the features that make semolina an excellent choice to make pasta at home.

●    Types Of Italian Flour

Italy is known for its rich cultural heritage and cuisines. There are many traditional and modern-day Italian foods that foodies from all over the world like to gulp. Apart from its delicious dishes, Italy also offers various kinds of flour to prepare these authentic food items at home. They include Italian pizza flour and pasta flour.

Italy has classified its flour in three different types: 1, 0, and 00. Using the numbers, buyers can identify the grinding levels of the flour. For example, Italian 00 flour is finer than type 1. On the other side, get type 0 when you are comparing the flour with all-purpose flour and want a better one.

According to many food experts, type 1 and 00 flour are some of the best flour types to use to make homemade pasta. It is because double zero flour tastes different yet better than any other flour. Apart from that, it features a high amount of protein and impressive gluten strength.

When it comes to making pasta at home, protein and gluten play a notable role. The stronger gluten suggests that the dough is going be sturdy. On the other hand, the small amount of protein indicates that the dough will be soft.

●     What Is The Best Flour For Pasta?

Although there are different types of flour that you can use to make pasta at home, type 00 is recommended by most of the food experts. It is the most refined type that makes it extra-fine flour. It is known for its protein amount and strong gluten network that makes it the best flour to make pasta at home.

Here, it is necessary to understand that not all types of double zero Italian flour are made equally. They can have different protein levels, depending on a flour company. For example, one brand’s 00 flour may contain different amounts of protein than others. Before purchasing the flour, it is necessary for a buyer to learn about a brand and protein levels in its flour.

●     Where To Buy Italian 00 Flour For Pasta?

Pasta is a famous Italian dish, and many prefer to make homemade pasta rather than buying it from a store. There could be several brands offering flour to make pasta at home, but not all of them have qualities similar to double zero flour. To get the authentic Italian taste of pasta, get the flour by a reputed brand from Italy. You can also buy the flour online from an Italian food store.

In The End  

Whether you are buying flour for pasta or pizza dough flour, make sure that you are getting a branded product from a reputed store. Choose your product wisely and make delicious pasta in your kitchen.