Wednesday, August 4 , 2021

    Finding A Business That Can Help Companies Save Money On Expensive Medical And Cosmetic Laser Repairs And Purchases

    For any company to stay successful, it must remain current on the latest equipment in the field. Medical and cosmetic lasers are essential if you own a spa or a business that provides cosmetic treatments. However, this equipment can be expensive to buy and maintain. Here are some ways of finding a business that can help companies save on costly medical and cosmetic laser repairs and purchases.

    1. Third-party Repair Companies. Although medical and cosmetic repair is a niche market, third-party repair companies now have the skills to repair these machines at a fraction of the cost offered by the manufacturer. Before these companies, only the original manufacturer could service and restore your laser machine. However, finding a reputable third-party company to repair your equipment can be challenging. During your search, read testimonials to help you select the best company.
    2. Sourcing. Although you may not find the exact part that your laser machine needs, it is possible to source parts for your medical or cosmetic laser. Depending on the manufacturer and type of machine, finding the right part for your medical or cosmetic laser can either be easy or more difficult. The best thing to do is to consult with a specialist to help you source the right parts.
    3. Pre-owned Equipment. Look for a business that deals with pre-owned machines. You might be hesitant to buy a pre-owned laser machine due to your worry about its quality. However, remember that people may choose to sell their laser machines for other reasons apart from efficacy. Visit to get a deal on a quality machine that has plenty of life left. You can also go for refurbished equipment that has been restored by an expert. Pre-owned and refurbished equipment provide you with a chance to get a quality laser for a fraction of the price.
    4. Laser rentals. Laser rentals are an excellent way to cut on repair and purchase costs. Laser rentals also provide you with an opportunity to get feedback from clients before making a large investment. Renting laser equipment is even less of a hassle than owning one, especially if some of your clients look for specialized treatment.
    5. Biomedical Programs. In the past, companies used an in-house biomedical department to manage, maintain, and repair their equipment. While this may provide some cost-saving, a program that uses a combination of service methods and fits your needs can provide the greatest savings. Look for programs such as full-service contracts or in-house clinical engineering. Full-service contracts cover all parts, labor, and preventive maintenance. In-house clinical engineering is a cost-saving strategy that is based on staff availability and competency. The best thing about these programs is that you can negotiate the proper contract based on your needs assessment.

    The ongoing need to deliver quality services has driven companies to manage their medical or cosmetic laser better. With these tips, you can now cut costs on your medical or cosmetic laser repairs and purchases.


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