Forget About Microsoft Word – The Most Popular Alternatives to Word

The situation around office applications has developed so that Microsoft’s package has become the standard. When you need to create a text document, most ordinary users need MS Office, but is it really needed?

Popular Alternative Applications to Work with MS Documents

Microsoft knows how to make cool products. I use the Edge browser on my smartphone and the cross-platform OneNote note-taking application as my primary notebook, as well as the Xbox One console. Office from Redmond I propose to leave corporate workers. The office has a disgusting price tag.

Do not rush to open a browser with the tab of the torrent tracker, in this article, and we have selected the best alternatives to Microsoft Office, among which there are functional free analogs.


Even though this analog of Microsoft Office has been actively used since 2011, it has already managed to gain popularity in many countries of the world. Many of those who previously used switched to the new version, this includes organizations in France.

LibreOffice is a powerful, open-source, cross-platform office suite and is entirely free. It supports the most popular operating systems, including macOS, Linux, and Windows. Of all the presented alternatives, this office suite will be able to replace MS Office completely, and it includes applications for working with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases.

iA Writer

The very moment when you need to focus on the text so that nothing distracts, including a substantial overloaded menu function. iA Writer is not an office suite, but a text editor that has versions for Windows and Mac, as well as free applications for iOS and Android. Many users believe that this application is an excellent free alternative to microsoft word. However, you are not limited to options nowadays.

IA Writer can edit texts in Markdown mode, syntax and number of characters, export text to blogs on WordPress and Medium, convert to PDF and Microsoft Word (.docx) documents.

Google Docs

Google has its office suite of applications, which is available through a browser and in the form of mobile apps. Documents from Google allow you to edit files jointly, and there is also built-in support for Microsoft Word documents, which enables you to convert Word files to Google documents and vice versa. Recently, the application from the search giant has replaced a set of office applications from Microsoft on my smartphone.

SSuite Office

It turns out that there are a lot of alternatives to the famous commercial office suite. One of them is the SSuite Office. This program is also free. The package includes software that is useful for office work. There is a text editor, a program for creating spreadsheets, as well as software for presentations. There is a notepad, a messaging application, a calendar, an image editor, as well as software for viewing photos in the SSuite Office collection.

WordGraph is responsible for the text here. At first glance, its interface is quite familiar. At the top is a panel with a context menu. Below are all kinds of tools. In addition to the usual buttons, there are also those that you will not find in other office suites.

Accel works with tables. It is made in the style of WordGraph. It has all the necessary functions for creating and editing tables, their formatting, counting, and more.

But for surfing the Internet, the office suite provides the NetSurfer browser. Its main feature is that it has the same interface as other SSuite Office software. It also has many useful tools that simplify the work — quick access to social networks or email.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is replete with features, for the most part, of little interest, but the three main components that are important to people still have a text editor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation creator. Each of them has a browser-like interface, making it easy to open and edit many documents at once.

There are many attractive templates, and the ability to encrypt documents will help protect essential documents from ill-wishers. Most importantly, Kingsoft Office is perhaps out of the competition when it comes to importing documents created in Microsoft Office, as the original format is preserved and the content is not redrawn.


Almost all the writing software that we have mentioned can be downloaded from ipiratebay. You are going to get the cracked files, along with authentic product keys which will ensure that you get access to the complete suite of features without any compromises in your experience. Once you use them, you will understand why MS Word is so overrated.

Many habitually choose the office suite Microsoft Office. But if you do not like to use pirated copies, update, fix stupid errors (that is, do the work instead of the application itself), catch reviews of the most appropriate analogs. So what would you prefer Microsoft Office? Indeed, the task is not easy. The choice is wide enough, but there are not so many functional and easy to use editors.