Wednesday, August 4 , 2021

    Four Key Trends for UK Betting and Gaming in 2020

    Toward the end of the year, we begin to shed the old and make room for the new. Just like us, technology and developers follow the same flow, taking a look back and reflecting on the past to storm up ideas for new, never-before-seen creations. As technology advances, so do the possibilities for gaming, and 2020 is speculated to have some big news in store. It is especially true for the UK gamer, with recent statistics showing an increase in revenue in 2019 that is only expected to grow. UK gamblers should keep their eyes peeled for 4 specific key trends said to hit the market in 2020. 

    Supercharged Interactions

    At the top of the priority list is the goal of making casino games more interactive. By nature, the most traditional games were made for individual play; even poker was causing you to draw inward as you plan your next move. Now that technology is getting to a certain point, the possibility of creating highly interactive games that can be played from home or mobile devices is in the air, only needing a few gaps to be filled to fulfill this goal. Since its introduction, live dealer games have continued to increase in popularity, as the emphasis moves from slot games toward the evolving live dealer play. Apart from these advances and interactive play modes, gamers can expect to see many recognizable titles, like Space Invaders, which recently sold their rights to get a modern facelift and reintroduced into the world of online gaming. 

    Tighter Restrictions

    It is not the best news, especially for frequent gamers. Online gaming has been favored by many with very loose restrictions for players from all over the world. Sadly, where there is a potential to make money, there is also the threat of taxation, as the government takes advantage of the right to jump in and collect a percentage of winnings. The legal changes will not come down so hard on individual players but more on casinos, so, expect to see fewer flooding the market. Also, in line with taxation in the case of gamers, payment methods are said to increase in strictness, with new fees tacked on to allow the governments to take their cut. 

    Emphasis on Mobile Play

    Back to the good news! Due to the surge in online play via mobile devices, we may expect sure developments in the improvement of the mobile gameplay experience. Also, gamers will be happy to experience faster play on the go as smarter and more efficient algorithms and coding languages hit the market. 

    Up in the Air

    Everyone has heard of ‘Brexit,’ and it can have a direct and harsh impact on the gaming industry in years to come. Because of the lack of support from the European Union, UK casinos may experience a downturn in operations as they will need to abide by laws specific to their newly adopted regulations. For this reason, the issue of gaming revenues is up in the air, with speculators and economists unsure of what advice to give. After a conclusion is reached, it will be determined what the new world of gaming will be like for UK gamers and foreigners who choose to play here. 

    It is fun to ponder over the possibilities of what’s to come as technology transforms. The world of gaming is constantly evolving, changing shape and form, and welcoming the cutting-edge technology to keep millions of gamblers on their toes. Both expert and rookie gamers will benefit from a few of the trends expected to hit in 2020, reaching a disadvantage in others. One thing remains unchanged in 2020: when choosing a gaming resource, always use a reputable UK betting site to try your luck, one that has a strong foundation and heightened security for all the best gameplay without the worry. 2020 will be a great year for the gaming industry, so be sure to pick your game and cross your fingers to become one of 2020’s jackpot winners!


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