How to choose the best wardrobe if you are running out of space

Choosing the best wardrobe when you have a small space can be quite frustrating. It doesn’t help if you then have a large collection of outfits, as this in a way might limit your options. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect wardrobe that would complement your apartment.

A wardrobe can either brighten up the interior of your room or make it look unpleasant. Hence it’s important to take out your time to find the perfect wardrobe.

It is everyone’s nightmare not to have a proper place to store clothes because of limited space. But that can be easily rectified.

There are plenty of options to employ that can give you the extra clothing space without congesting your apartment.

Choose a single door wardrobe

This is the perfect choice if you have a small bedroom. There are various designs for single wardrobes but opt for the one that is tall and narrow. That way you get to have enough space to store your clothes and other items.

Choose a double door wardrobe

Although in some cases this might be a bit of a squeeze if you don’t have enough space, it can fit into an average bedroom. Depending on your preference you can go for a design that comes with shelves and hanging spaces. So, you can get the most out of your wardrobe.

Opt for wardrobes with sliding doors

The game plan is to get a wardrobe that won’t take up all the available space in your apartment, which is why you should consider this. A wardrobe with sliding doors doesn’t require much space unlike one with hinged doors. Sliding door wardrobes are designed in a way that you room doesn’t feel inferior. Another benefit of sliding door wardrobes is you can go for one which has more depth without it taking up too much space. It offers adequate storage space and it can be put in any part of the room. Get high-quality sliding door wardrobes here.

Mirror paneling wardrobes

The essence of this is to hide the contents within the wardrobe. You can go for a small wardrobe with mirror paneling, and that way you can fold your outfits or stash them anyway you want, without anyone knowing.  Also, mirrors help give smaller spaces the illusion of it being large, plus it brightens up your room.

Add a dresser within

This might not seem like the perfect choice, but it is perfect when the aim is to achieve a less clustered room. Although you might be left with little space for your clothes, but you would also get a calmer environment and more breathing space. As designers we would call that a clear win-win situation.

Built in wardrobes

Most rooms have small spaces at different corners which can easily be used to design a wardrobe. If you are running out of space this is a great choice, because you don’t get to use up the functional space of the room. For this type of wardrobe it is best to work with an interior designer. You can get the best built-in wardrobes here.

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