A healthy lifestyle entails more than just having a well-balanced diet. It all comes down to being healthy from the inside out and being aware of that lifestyle’s environmental impact. Making the skin look healthy and radiant is vital because healthy skin is one of the most important indicators of how healthy one is inside. It is critical to select skin care products with care, considering their impact on our skin and the environment. Organic skin care products are not only excellent options for the skin but are also great for the environment. They are gentle on the skin yet effective and eco-friendly!

Here are four reasons why one should try and switch to organic products:

1) Chemical exposure is reduced

People who have sensitive skin are aware of the irritation, redness, and rashes caused by products containing chemicals and other strange ingredients, such as Benzoyl Peroxide, which is used to treat acne, leaving the skin feeling dry red, and sore.

Various natural alternatives are available in the market, and one can swap their regular products with these to get flawless spot-free, glowing skin. Natural and organic products work well because they are gentle on the skin.

2) Damage to the organs can be avoided

Human skin is very absorbent, and the ingredients in products like moisturisers, cleansers, and toners are absorbed into our bodies when we use them.

It is critical to be health-conscious by considering what is best for our skin, and this should not stop with what we eat.

A golden rule for finding great organic products is to check if one can consume the ingredients mentioned on the product label. And if one can’t, they should think about switching to a routine with more natural products. 

Skin care products contain chemicals that are extremely harmful and damaging to the skin, while floral and plant-based natural products are designed to nourish and protect our skin.

3) Natural skin care products are more environmentally friendly

It is far better for the environment to use natural and organic products. Using chemical-containing skin care products can be highly damaging and destructive to the environment because the sprays and perfumes released into the atmosphere and the manufacturing process are incredibly harmful.

Chemicals from skin care products are washed down the drains and recycled back into the water systems. Chemical-containing skin care products have been discovered in water bodies and public water supplies, and agricultural soil. When livestock is exposed to these chemicals, they can develop reproductive and genetic changes and some types of cancer.

4) Little to no added fragrance

Cosmetic companies’ fragrance is most likely to contain harmful chemicals that can cause nasal irritation.

Without the addition of fragrance, skin care products do not have a pleasant odour. A lovely scent can help to mask the unpleasant smell of a product.

Added fragrance can also help mask the unpleasant odour of a skin care product packaged in a jar one has had for a long time. Because some of the ingredients react when exposed to air every time the jar is opened, the components degrade faster and lose effectiveness.

Some natural extracts such as vanilla, cucumber, melon, coconut, cocoa butter, for example, have a pleasant and mild fragrance that is soothing. Products containing these do not cause any irritation or rashes, unlike other heavily scented products. 

One can try out the heavenly and luxurious products from organic skin care stores like Mokosh which also offer samples for the customers to try products and make a decision. 

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