Ad: Best Innovating Companies To Watch Out For In The Coming Years

What the chaos of 2008 and the subsequent chaos of 2020 have demonstrated is that adversity leads to innovation. An increasing number of people are looking to change the world for the better. In 2020, more than 800,000 businesses in the U.S. were less than one year old.

It can take time for businesses to really get off the ground. In some cases, it can take years for an innovation to take off.

Here are the top innovating companies you should watch out for in the coming years.

   1. The We Company

The workplace has evolved and changed over the last few years. The move towards coworking has been profound. There are now more than 19,000 coworking spaces across the globe. Studies have shown these dynamic workplaces lead to more productivity and better performance.

The We Company has generated more than $22 billion to make these workspaces a reality. They are not just offices. They are a whole ecosystem revolving around your desk.

   2. Cazoo

Amazon changed the way we shop. Cazoo aims to deliver that same retail experience to the used car industry. Through its platform, users can search for cars from reputable sellers and simply click-to-buy.

By bringing the simple shopping experience to the world of used cars, it has the potential to make all used car purchases like shopping on platforms like Amazon.

  3. Hush Blankets

Did you know that 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders?

Hush Blankets plays off the experiences of founder Lior Ohayon in dealing with people who have special needs. Their flagship product is a weighted blanket that services the needs of those who suffer from anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

With growing recognition of mental health issues, Hush Blankets could become a household name in the industry over the next few years.

  4. Juul

The electronics company Juul has become synonymous with vaping. Originally designed as an alternative for smokers, the legalization of CBD products and marijuana in much of the world has opened up a whole new market for this company.

Its vaping devices are altering the way people relax and its solid foothold means it’s poised to continue to innovate in the years ahead.

  5. Argo AI

The concept of the self-driving car has never been closer to becoming a reality. One of the driving forces behind it is Argo AI. Rather than creating its own vehicles, it works with leading global car manufacturers to implement AI technology and to make self-driving technology affordable for the average person.

From your daily commute to driving to a baseball game, Argo AI could alter the way it’s done in the next few years.


These are just five of the companies whose innovations are set to change life as we know it in the short term.

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