Get The Best Custom Face Masks

The whole world has suffered a huge crisis due to the recent wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of People lost their lives; millions were deprived of food and earnings due to the lockdown. There was a dire need to protect humanity from such a great and alarming natural disaster and to take measures at a greater level to reduce the spread of the corona epidemic. Research scientists, doctors, nurses, paramedic staff, pathologists, pharmacists, and allied health professionals tried their best to play their role in serving humanity in this time of crisis. As the coronavirus seemed to spread fast in almost all countries of the world and risking the lives of all humans, some common steps were recommended worldwide to stop this virus. These worldwide recommended measures which help minimize the spread of the corona virus are as follows:

  • Wearing a face mask
  • Washing or sanitizing the hands regularly
  • Staying at home 
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the surroundings
  • Avoiding the touch on the face, eyes, and nose

Significance of wearing a face mask:

Staying at home was the first recommendation to minimize the spread of Covid-19

  • Wearing a face mask is one of the most important measures that a common human can take to play their role in stopping the spread of this deadly infection. 
  • There is a chance of inhaling fluid droplets, smoke, germs, and harmful particles present in the air with every breath.
  • Even in normal circumstances wearing a face mask is recommended to save oneself from air pollution that causes allergies, infections, and respiratory tract disorders.
  • The most commonly recommended mask is a medical mask that is also used by doctors and surgeons in hospitals.
  • The medical masks have a filter in it that filters out many airborne particles and fluid droplets to let only the clean air reach our lungs.
  • If a person is infected with the virus, he/she must be wearing a face mask when in public places. It reduces the spread of the virus from that person to others to a great extent.
  • So everybody must wear a face mask if not to protect himself, at least to protect others. 
  • This pandemic is possible to be controlled only when the means of transmission of the virus are blocked. 
  • WHO and CDC have announced that the precautionary measures must be continued to practice even in the next year as the pandemic is not going to end completely. 

Which face masks should be used?

Medical masks and hospital grade micro-particle filtering surgical N95 masks are the most effective in filtering all kinds of viral and bacterial particulates. But they are not easily available and accessible to the general public. When the deadly corona virus attacked the world and started claiming and risking the life of millions and billions of human beings, medical face masks ran short. At that time several local brands and clothing companies started manufacturing the fabric face mask. 

Even many women at home sewed face masks to cover the face and nose during a pandemic. These simple fabric masks although were not equally effective as the medical ones but helped to some extent in stopping the virus-infected air from getting into the air passageways. After the shortage of medical masks, CDC and WHO analyzing the situation suggested that simple cloth masks can also be worn. The homemade cloth masks also help in hindering the spread of the pandemic.  

Doctors have said that use any mask, that is easily available to you but must wear it to save yourselves, your family members, colleagues, friends, and other human beings from getting the infection.  

Manufacture of customized face masks:

As soon as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control allowed the use of simple fabric masks, many companies and brands offered their customized face masks. At the business level, where there is a need to provide face masks to all the employees and workers they order a company to make a large number of masks with a sign or logo on it. So wholesale custom face masks are needed urgently.

Keeping in view the demand and worldwide trend of wearing a mask, many famous brands have also brought a variety of customized face masks like,

  • Nike
  • Hello kitty
  • Banana republic
  • Gap
  • Madewell
  • J. Crew
  • Harshey 

Many people want to wear a face mask with a specific color or design which matches their job, class, or the outfit they are wearing on a particular day. This increased the demand and manufactured of customized face mask and in return the business of many companies. Educational Institutes are also found to be very interested in buying customized logo face masks for their students. For these reasons, custom face masks on the wholesale rate are highly in demand.

Advantages of the custom face masks:

The persisting encouragement of wearing face masks by the experts has given rise to a new industry. This need and trend of wearing a face mask every time while going out in public has several advantages in different aspects for instance,

The face masks not only protect you from getting sick with a covid-19 pandemic but also serve as a barrier to many allergens, dust, smog, harmful chemicals, and polluted air in the autumn hence you are also saved from common cold and flu in this winter.

The rising demand for face masks prompted the companies and brands to manufacture face masks at a larger scale. It enhanced their revenue as well.

After the opening of different offices and educational institutes after a long lockdown, they encouraged the use of masks to all employees and students; this resulted in a greater demand for wholesale custom face masks.

The display of custom face masks with particular colors, logos, and designs in the advertisements of various companies helped them out in the marketing of their products and progress in the business.

The companies buy wholesale custom face masks and make it necessary for the employees to wear that mask in this way the employees work safely and the chance of spreading the infections is reduced. 

Also, the masks made with cloth are easy to wear and people feel more comfortable in them as compared to medical ones.