Get to Know Coral Chung, Co-founder of Senreve

One company in the fashion industry that’s generating a lot of buzz is Senreve. Coral Chung, one of the company’s co-founders, specialized in consulting and management before creating Senreve. Previously, she held executive positions within a few companies in the technology industry before eventually deciding to leave those companies to pursue her dream of creating one of her own. And Senreve was born.

The company has built an impressive reputation in a relatively short time by making handbags that are popular with women from many different walks of life. In the four years since the company’s creation, it has come a very long way and sold many designer handbags, putting Senreve on the radar of various investors who were looking for another opportunity to make money. They invested many millions into the company during multiple rounds of funding. Coral Chung, who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Senreve, has led the company to an enormous amount of success. The handbags that Senreve produces are now highly sought after.

Senreve’s success is due primarily to simply giving women what they want. Most of the company’s competitors care little about the desires of their customers and rely on the name on the label. Senreve does not believe that is the way to create a good relationship with your customers. The company regularly asks its customers to fill out surveys regarding their handbag preferences. These surveys are taken into consideration when deciding which handbags to produce.

Coral Chung graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton College, where she earned degrees in international studies and economics. She went on to earn an MBA at Stanford University. She has proven that she has what it takes to lead a major company. Her education has been a great asset during her career as a CEO. 

Coral Chung has a different approach to leading Senreve than many CEOs. She never thought that the high price of Senreve handbags would be a detriment. Women are willing to pay a high price for a handbag as long as it is made well and will last for a long time. Together with her team, Coral Chung has created handbags that stand out from others available on the market, which catches the eye of many women. Each one is not too small or too large, and they store items easily while also looking attractive and elegant.