Global Wellness Trends in 2020

According to an article that was published in Psychology Todaythe United States spends close to 20 percent of its GDP on medicine and healthcare. Unfortunately, this amount of spending does not always translate to having the best outcomes. Now, there has been a push to shift the focus of healthcare away from treating diseases and toward helping people with their overall wellness. Some of the biggest trends in global wellness this year include improving sleep and focusing on mental health.

Improving Sleep

Sleep quality plays a key role in someone’s mood, productivity, and immune health. Sadly, many people do not rest well at night. Even though there are medications available to help people fall asleep, they can foster dependence. As an alternative, researchers have developed wearable technology that can help people figure out where they might have problems falling asleep.

Now, there is a push for these devices to help people improve their circadian rhythm, which is the body’s natural 24-hour solar clock. If the body’s circadian rhythm is disrupted, this can make it hard for people to sleep well at night. Some of the reasons why people might disrupt their circadian rhythm include binging TV shows late at night, working the third shift, and even checking social media before trying to fall asleep. With an increasing focus on circadian rhythm, medical professionals believe new treatment options will emerge that can help people improve their sleep.

Focusing on Mental Health

For decades, mental health has been carried out on the couch of a psychiatrist. While this will continue to play an important role, new resources are emerging that can help people who suffer from disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Virtual care, chatbots, vaping liquid products, and digital support groups all play a role in helping people with these disorders.

study from the World Health Organization estimates that nearly a quarter of the world’s people are going to be impacted by some form of mental disorder during their lives. Historically, there has been a large shortage of resources for people who need a mental health professional. Now, new products, virtual health, and digital technology are helping people get the assistance they need.

Emerging Wellness Trends

These are only two of the most important wellness trends that are emerging in 2020. By shifting the focus of medical care away from diseases and towards wellness, the hope is that the cost of healthcare will drop in the United States.