Top 7 Lifestyle Instagram Accounts That You Need to Follow

Lifestyle is a broad niche. It can be about food, decors, travel, and fashion. Lifestyle is also about accomplishing goals and living a better life. A lot of people, including you for sure, dream of living it up. Lifestyle influencers, on the other hand, are a great source of tips, inspiration, and ideas. 

If you are an active Instagram user and looking for Instagram lifestyle accounts that you can follow, you’re in the right place. By the way, if you want that these accounts will follow you back as well make sure that you have a considerable number of followers. But if you don’t have that much, you may want to buy Instagram followers real

Nevertheless, here are the lifestyle Instagram accounts you can follow. 

  • Amanda Stanton 

Amanda Stanton is a Southern California resident and a single mother. This influencer, on the other hand, has a unique style and loves to show herself over all things design related. Her feed on Instagram is loaded with pictures of her looking beautiful in different fashionable outfits. 

  • Anna Nystrom 

With more than six million Instagram followers, Anna Nystrom was known as the biggest influencer in Sweden. Nystrom is an amateur model and a fitness trainer who grabbed the attention of many people thanks to its fabulous looks as well as amazing fitness programs. This influencer is also working with various brands such as Skinny Mint Tea, Daniel Wellington, and Kapten & Son. 

  • In Honor of Design 

The person behind this Instagram account is Anna Liesemeyer, a mother of five. The feed revolves around the family home of Liesemeyer as well as the realities of having a big family. Some of the posts are painful, but the vast majority are beautiful and inspirational.

  • Meghan Rienks

With more the one million followers on Instagram, Meghan Rienks is one of the best lifestyle accounts that you need to follow.

When you visit her feed, you will surely notice how catchy and clean it looks. Rienks incorporates tons of negative and white spaces in her pictures combined with colorful colors. What’s more, the shift from one image to another is continuous adding a breathtaking flow to the feed.  

  • Julie Sarinana

This person is known for her lifestyle as well as a fashion blog. Julie Sarinana’s motto is “dream, believe, and achieve.”

The California sophisticated style of Sarinana has attracted over four million followers on Instagram. 

  • Fully Raw Kristina 

Kristina is actually a healthy lifestyle influencer on Instagram. You will surely amaze with her healthy as well as colorful account.

  • Oliver Proudlock

He is a lifestyle influencer on Instagram and at the same time a designer. Proudlock, on the other hand, is into travel and fitness. 

When you visit his account, you will know how cool and amazing this person is. Actually, Proudlock also has a large following on Instagram. 

There you have it the top 7 lifestyle accounts that you may want to follow on Instagram for more inspiration and ideas.