GRE: important aspects to know about the exam

For ones who are looking to make an inordinate career and determined to study abroad, then GRE is the right choice. The one and only solution for lower unemployment rates and enhanced earnings is a good education. Higher studies abroad can be law school, graduate or business where admission to universities or colleges abroad is possible by taking up a GRE test.

There are two ways by which GRE is conducted, a paper delivered test and a computer-delivered test. The dates for the two modes of the test may vary. GRE exam dates are important for students who desire to appear for the test. For a computer-based test, the student at application time can pick the center as well as the date of examination. Whereas for a paper-based test, the GRE exam dates are mentioned for which the students must appear.

 A quick view of the exam

A standardized test conducted by the ETS or educational testing service is called the Graduate record exam or GRE. The top graduate schools across the globe look for a GRE score as an eligibility criterion for postgraduate courses. There are two test formats for GRE, the GRE subject test and GRE general. Analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning fall under GRE general. Whereas GRE subject includes topics that are associated with the post-graduation subject you picked.

Getting to know GRE exam dates

Either your test is a paper-based or computer-based GRE test, your test dates can be known only after completion of the application process. In order to initiate the GRE application process, the student needs to

  • Create an ETS account
  • Pick the mode of exam whether paper-based or computer-based
  • Gather details regarding exam fees and ID requirements
  • Understand the cancellation and reschedule policies
  • Choose the institution to which GRE scores are to be sent

Taking up the GRE exam

Unlike other competitive exams, GRE does not come up with a specific date or location. The student needs to contact the nearest GRE exam center and take the test any time in a year. GRE exam dates and preparation must be planned well in advance as the test can be taken by the student once in 21 days. The test can be taken for about five times in a year. The GRE subject test and general test for paper delivered test are available three times a year. A valid passport is required as proof of ID for paper-based test. The GRE scores can be sent to about four institutions and additional charges are charged to send to more institutions.

By understanding the registration and mode of test for GRE, the student needs to plan well in advance to appear for the appropriate GRE exam dates conducted throughout the year. They need to decide their mode of exam first and navigate through the process. There are many links online that guide through the GRE exam registration process. Students are thus advised to research and make prior planning for preparation and examination.