How to Choose the Best IAS Academy in Delhi?

Opting for the best IAS Academy in Delhi might prove to be highly confusing so much so that most of the IAS aspirants finally end up getting themselves enrolled at a coaching institution that equips them in no way to clear the Civil Services Exam. And the point to be noted is that it will not be suitable for you to join any IAS coaching institution. 

You aim at joining the Indian Administrative Services, widely considered as the best of the careers by the majority of the Indian nationals. Thus, you need to join the best IAS Coaching in Delhi. Besides, an IAS aspirant needs to be fully aware of the hardest of the hard Exam, i.e., CSE and the toughest of the tough competition that he is going to face. 

Moreover, all the IAS aspirants simply can’t take it for granted that merely clearing the Civil Services Exam would pave the way for them to join the Indian administrative Services. You need to be among the topmost of the rank holders so that you are asked by UPSC to join IAS.

Thus, you may see the various reasons that make joining the Indian Administrative Services quite a difficult task. You have to compete and prove yourself to be among the best. It further explains the need to be highly careful while opting for the best IAS coaching institution in Delhi. 

Tips for Choosing the Best IAS Academy in Delhi

The tips given below may be of considerable help to you to do away with all the confusions while opting for the IAS coaching institution in Delhi.

  • Does the IAS coaching institution produce successful candidates year after year? An IAS coaching institution can be termed competent only if it maintains the quality of the coaching that it has been providing its students with. A coaching academy that might have produced successful candidates clearing the IAS Exam in the first attempt 5 years back is simply not worth joining if it can’t produce more of the success stories now! 
  • What do the current students say? Once again, it’s the quality of the coaching provided by the IAS institution at present that matters more rather than how it used to be in the past. Thus, it’s advisable that you have a heart to heart talk with the current students of the academy. It would give you a clear idea of the exact quality of the coaching provided by the institution. And you can decide accordingly whether you should get yourself enrolled there or not. 
  • The Faculty: The faculty members should have considerable experience of teaching the IAS aspirants. They should also have an excellent knowledge of their subjects. And they should also be thoroughly aware of the teaching requirements so that the classroom sessions cover all that is prescribed in the UPSC syllabus

Besides, the faculty members should be able to teach in a manner so that the students are able to face the Exam as per the changes (if any) produced by UPSC in the pattern of CSE. Thus, the faculty members should be well versed with the use of the suitable teaching methodologies to cater to all these (apart from many more, as required) requirements in a suitable manner. 

  • The Mentors: Well, it’s ok to make all the relevant considerations concerning the faculty. But, the faculty members, howsoever well experienced they might be, would be taking care of the IAS Exam preparation for the entire batch in a collective manner. 

However, it’s very likely that some of the students might be having some unique problems of their own. And addressing the unique issues faced by the individual IAS aspirants requires expert mentorship. It’s a mentor who can identify and simplify the complexities faced by an individual student during the preparation for the IAS Exam. 

  1. Current affairs: It’s simply not feasible to prepare for the IAS Exam without gaining and updating the knowledge of the current affairs. Besides, what’s more important, he should be able to co-relate his knowledge of the current affairs to whatever he has been studying in order to prepare for various Papers for the IAS Exam. 

Thus, the IAS coaching academy that you opt for should be able to coach and guide you for the current affairs in a manner so that you may use the same knowledge in the right perspective while facing the Mains in the CSE. Besides, a thorough knowledge of the current affairs would also be highly useful for you when it comes to facing the UPSC Interview.

Analyzing the current affairs with a right perspective enriches your complete personality to a considerable extent. Not only are you transformed into a competently alert and aware individual, but you also learn to analyze various kinds of situations with a proper study of all the pros and cons, whatever the situation or condition might be. Thus, it makes you absolutely unprejudiced and you are able to think in a manner that is justifiable to all.

And that’s the great quality UPSC looks for in an IAS officer. Thus, your knowledge of the current affairs, and your ability to relate the same with a right perspective to what you answer in the Mains, apart from an alert, aware and unprejudiced mind would be reflected while you answer the Papers in the CSE. This is likely to fetch you marks pushing your score higher than your competitors. 

Finally, though the tips given above would certainly help you to finalize the best IAS coaching institution for yourself, these are all the generalized considerations for most of the IAS aspirants. You might be having your own specifically unique requirements concerning the Optional subject and the medium of instruction etc. Thus, it’s best for an IAS candidate to consider all his requirements and decide in a careful manner as to which IAS coaching would be the best for him for it’s you who is to face the IAS Exam and clear the same successfully.