Finding the Right Unicorn Toys For Kids – Our Top Unicorn Toy Stores

Unicorn toys are kids’ favorite cuddly and interactive companions. They are available in large variety and options. The battery-operated unicorn toys come with different modes of entertainment that keep kids engaged and boost their imagination. 

There are umpteen options for a unicorn toy if you want to gift it to a kid who loves unicorns. These colorful toys light up the creativity and give hours of playtime, bringing a lot of joy to your kids. A gift that makes your kid happy and gives oodles of fun. 

  1. Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Styling Head

Your little angel will love styling the head of this unicorn toy. It has beautiful eyelashes and a golden horn that can sit pretty on your dressing table. It comes with a brush to style and braid the unicorn rainbow hair. 

Your little girl will have a great time styling the unicorn hair with hair ties and barrettes shipped with the kit. Your little ones will love spending their time creating different hairstyles for this toy using their imagination. A good addition to the Barbie collection adds joy to their lives. It has a smooth texture and a lovely glittery finish. 

  1. Power Your Fun Unicorn Robot Pet

An adorable looking toy with dreamy eyes and a cute smile creates fun and magic in the life of your kids. This is a dancing unicorn toy that also makes horse sounds of neighing and prances. It comes with four action controls to sit, jump, dance, and stand. The interactive treats let your kids have fun playing with it. It can do the tricks of waving at you and navigating the room when you choose different modes. 

You can groom the mane with the brush. Watch the unicorn dance and twirl using the turn button — a fun toy for toddlers that keeps them entertained and boosts their imagination and cognitive skills. 

  1. Little Live Pets Dancing Unicorn Robot For Interactive Fun

A lovely gift for your daughter to keep her entertained. It dances and reacts when you feed it. You can treat it like a pet as it snuggles to you. You get an adoption certificate along with it to make it your pet officially. 

A fun toy kit that comes with a brush to style and brush the unicorn mane. You can pat its head and rub its tummy to see different actions. It makes all kinds of sounds when you perform different actions on them. 

  1. Vtech Starshine Bright Lights Unicorn

A lovely and interactive toy that performs different activities when you push buttons. A unique toy that comes with charms you can place on the toy to hear reactions to various tasks. When you squeeze the tail, the wings start flapping. You can hear the toy speak English phrases, sing a melody you can choose from and answer quiz questions with the press of the blue hearts button. 

A lovely gift for your little girl for interactive fun. She can play for hours with it placing charms on it and watching reactions — a fun gift for toddlers to boost their imagination and send them on a magical adventure. The gem on the necklace is a push button you can use to hear different sounds. There are many features you can push and flip to hear the sound and perform different actions. 


Unicorn toys are available in a humongous variety that provides entertainment, learning, and interactive fun. It boosts the imagination of your child and keeps them engaged in exploring the options that come with these toys.