HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones Review

Bluetooth earphones are developing. More people use sports Bluetooth earphones in daily life. Sports Bluetooth earphones are small and delicate. They are easy to wear and unfettered. It keeps up with the trend of the times.

Let`s talk about the wearing experience. HONOR Sports Bluetooth earphones are light. A single ear weighing only 5g. It is easy to wear without any pressure. Adjust the three sets of earmuffs according to the size of the ears. The shark fin ear brace can fix the earphone to the ear. Earphones won’t fall when you do other strenuous exercises. Such as running, skipping rope etc.

The wireless design can fit the human ear without restraint. Magnetic storage is a stylish decoration. You can hang them around the neck except listening to music. It can fulfill exercise process. This earphone has IP55 waterproof performance. People can`t wear them in swimming and soak them in water. It has no pressure on sweat and scouring. 

Bluetooth’s connection: the unstable signal connection of Bluetooth will destroy the mood of the exercise. HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones adopt Bluetooth 4.1 technology for stable connection. It can adapt to Android and IOS system devices.

The first pairing need 2-4 seconds to press the central function key. It will enter the pairing state. There will be a voice prompt “Waiting for Connection”. Users only need to turn on their mobile phones to connect. It can support connecting two mobile phones. It will connect two different machines after pairing separate. Its Bluetooth transmission range can reach 10 meters. So, there is no need to worry about disconnect. 

Sound quality experience: we have tested the sound quality. We experience several songs with different styles. The overall effect was good. The sound quality is emotional. The voice is natural and pure. There is no much rendering. Listening to clear and fresh songs is good. It uses an 11 mm moving coil unit. It ensures that bass can present certain effects. The bass is surging and vigorous. The medium frequency is solid and the degree of separation is moderate. 

This earphone performs well in endurance. Actual tests had surprised us. The power was full after listening for two hours. 

The USB data cable can charge them in direct way at any time. The earphones help the charging treasure in case of emergency. It is convenient. Meeting needs for normal people of music for an hour or two a day is not a problem. 

The review shows that HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones can live up to consumers’ trust. These earphones focus on cost performance. It only costs 69.99 pounds to buy HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones on the official website. HONOR mobile phone users will like them. It is good to use HONOR Mobile Phone, bracelet and earphone together. They can bring superior music experience during sports.