How Dating Culture in Russian Is Different Than the USA?

It’s normal for cultures to be dissimilar when it comes to dating, as each country finds certain attitudes and norms acceptable. Although similarities can be found across countries, the differences between the dating culture in the USA and Russia go to extremes. 

While Americans are popular for their unconventional attitude towards dating, Russians are known for their conservative views. Both dating cultures differ in terms of commitment, date initiation, expression of feelings, family values, and attitude towards same-sex relationships. 

Take a look at the main dating dissimilarities.


One of the key differences between these contrasting cultures is the attitude towards commitment. On the one hand, Americans are generally laid-back when it comes to fidelity, using every possible chance to hook up with strangers. 

Males and females in the USA look for no strings attached relationships, which involve nothing but a physical connection. Being in an open, casual relationship is completely normal for Americans, whereas Russians find this notion unthinkable. Read more about the experience of dating an American.

Russians, on the other hand, are rather conventional in terms of dating, being absolutely committed to their partners when being in a relationship. They find it unacceptable for people to engage in multiple relations simultaneously, looking for nothing else but one-night stands.

Furthermore, Russians have no problem with monogamy and having an emotional connection with another person. Normally, infidelity is also common in Russian culture, but affairs are always kept a secret.

First move

Another cultural dissimilarity in terms of dating is making the first move, which is done by both men and women in the USA. Americans have no problem initiating first dates, regardless of the gender, hence being unsurprising for females to ask men out, instead of waiting for them to take the lead. It doesn’t necessarily mean that women are always the initiators but it’s completely acceptable if they are. 

In contrast, Russian females consider males responsible for making the first move and planning a well-organized first date. Vague invitations won’t do the trick with women in Russia, as men are supposed to make the invitation official. The following link,, explains why males love when girls make the first move.

Apart from arranging the date to perfection, males are also expected to provide a small gift or flowers for their partners. It’s no surprise for some Russian females to take the lead in cases when the men they find appealing are too timid or hesitant to take action. 

Expression of interest

The way in which men express their interest in women is yet another crucial dissimilarity between the American and Russian cultures. Americans tend to restrain their emotions so as to prevent getting overly attached. Their easy-going attitude impedes them from being possessive, devoted, or persistent when a certain woman takes no interest in their date invitation.

Conversely, Russians aren’t afraid to express their emotions, even if their affection towards a particular woman isn’t reciprocated. These males don’t take no for an answer until they’ve used their power of persuasion to woo their potential partners.

In addition, once Russians become involved in a romantic relationship, it’s natural for males to exhibit possessive behavior towards their partners. In order for men to date women from eastern Europe, they should be willing to make a commitment. Consequently, men in Russia wish other people to be aware of their commitment in order to prevent unwanted flirtatious situations, which might end up with them picking a fight with any person that tries to seduce their girlfriend.    

Same-sex relationships

In terms of same-sex relationships, there’s a huge contrast between the two cultures. Americans find it perfectly acceptable to get involved in a same-sex relationship or get married to a person from the same sex. LGBT people in the USA are enabled to enter a gay marriage since 2015, which has become standard in their societies. 

Russians, on the other hand, are considerably less tolerant towards LGBT people, who are obliged to keep their relationships hidden from the eyes of the public. Every person who exhibits its non-hetero lifestyle in public is under the threat of being persecuted, which is why LGBT people are afraid to get out of the closet. The law prohibits same-sex marriages and any kind of special rights that LGBT communities around the world enjoy without any repercussions. 

Meeting the family

While meeting the parents of your partner is considered normal prior to getting married in the USA, Russians organize such meetings a few months after dating someone. American men and women feel no need to introduce their partners to their families or ask for their parents’ approval.

Conversely, Russians are particularly fond of their families, hence considering the opinion of their parents important when it comes to approving their choice of partner. People in Russia are expected to spend considerable time with the family of their partners as a sign of respect. Since these values originate from the time of the Soviet Union, read more about the characteristics of the Soviet family.


American and Russian women are rather dissimilar in terms of using their appearance to impress their partners. For instance, American women are known for their casual looks, not spending much time on applying make-up or choosing apparel. 

Moreover, females in America strive to impress their partners with their life achievements, not their appearance. Hence, they dress casually and wear minimal make-up. 

Conversely, Russian women invest plenty of time in their appearance, as they believe the look is crucial for making a good first impression. They wish to be attractive for their boyfriends at all times, thus rarely leaving the house with no make-up.

Furthermore, eastern women value both intellect and appearance, which makes them even more appealing to men. The following link,, explains why Russian women are considered as worldwide beauties. 

Final word

Dating a person from another country can be challenging, particularly for people from contrasting cultures. 

Studying the differences can actually help!