How to Care for Soccer Cleats Before, During and after a Practice Session or Game?

Puma soccer cleats are one of the best soccer cleats made so far. After considering all the important factors, you have purchased the right pair of Puma king turf shoes for your feet and the field. However, you should give this pair the care it deserves. After all, this pair is your best friend on the pitch. So, we have some tips for you.

Puma Soccer Cleats Care Before and During Practice or Game

Pack a putty knife or popsicle sticks when you are packing your soccer bag.  You need these items to keep your cleats clean during practice or the game especially if you are playing on a muddy field. Not cleaning cleats can hinder both traction and performance. You can also use a toothbrush and towel. Always wear your cleats on the field only. Walking on a hard surface with soccer cleats on can cause wear and tear. Pack your puma soccer cleats in the bag and wear a different pair while traveling.

Soccer Cleats Care After Practice or Game

Your cleats are destined to get muddy or dirty after playing on a grass field. Clean your cleats immediately after a practice session or a game. Otherwise, you will have to scrub your cleats on the next day before the practice or game.

Use popsicle sticks to remove mud from the bottom of the cleats. After that, remove scuff using the toothbrush. Wipe off mud or moisture on your cleats using the towel. Remove leftover debris and dirt by clapping the bottom of the cleats together. Put your pair in a plastic bag if you don’t want to make a mess in your car.

Make sure that your soccer cleats are dry and clean when you are ready for the action on the next day. You should air dry the pair after cleaning. You can collect excess moisture by stuffing your cleats with newspaper.

Don’t dry the pair in direct sunlight. This can damage the leather uppers and also shorten the lifespan of your cleats. Make sure that you have removed the rubber pellets from the bottom or inside of your cleats while playing on artificial turf. You should buy Puma King turf shoes to play on artificial turf. There are different types of soccer shoes. You should choose a pair that is right for the playing conditions.

This pair is an important tool you will need on the field. Take the best care of your cleats. Best of luck for your next game.