How to Choose Scrubs that are Good for your Skin

Scrubs slough away dead skin cells, promote youthful and hydrated skin, and boost your confidence. Because of the powerful exfoliating properties of scrubs, though, you must how to find the best scrubs that are good for your skin.

Just any scrub will not do. Every person has unique skin that requires specific products. Your skin deserves the best scrub to target its properties and troubles.

Read on to find out how to choose scrubs that are good for your skin.

  1. Figure out Your Skin Type

Knowing the type of skin you have will tell you what ingredients and scrubs to use and what ingredients and scrubs to avoid. There are seven basic skin types:


Normal skin does not get breakouts often and doesn’t react to most new products or changes in the weather. This skin type can handle most ingredients. Those with normal skin can use most scrubs without any issues.


Oily skin is, well, oily. You may have to blot your face or use mattifying products.

Look for a sea of spa oil scrub without petroleum, and alcohol. Also, make sure your scrub is non-comedogenic since you may be prone to breakouts too.


Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different issues, but they require the same type of scrub.

Dry skin means you don’t have oil on the top layer. It will look flaky, feel sensitive, and feel itchy. In contrast, dehydrated skin means you don’t retain moisture. A tight feeling, papery appearance, and fine lines are symptoms of dehydrated skin.

Look for products that have moisturizing properties. Avoid products with citrus oils, a lot of fragrance, or oil-based ingredients. Instead, choose water-based scrubs.


Combination skin means that your T-zone is oily while most other places are dry. Avoid scrubs that are alcohol-based.


Acne-prone skin is easy to spot. It means you experience breakouts on your face or body frequently.

Look for scrubs that treat acne and exfoliate gently. Avoid too harsh ingredients or scrubs. They can damage the acne and make the problem worse.


Sensitive skin means that your skin flushes easily, you get frequent rashes or bumps, or your body stings when you apply a lot of products.

Look for scrubs that are gentle and designed for sensitive skin. Avoid scrubs with ingredients like alcohol or antibacterial properties. Opt for scrubs that are calming and healing. Anti-inflammatory properties are also great for sensitive skin.


Mature skin often sags, has wrinkles, and has dark spots. It also looks dull and dehydrated. Choose scrubs that are restorative and boost collagen. Meanwhile, avoid scrubs with harsh ingredients or alcohol.

  1. Look for Scrubs that Target Your Concern

Once you know what skin type you have, look for scrubs that specifically target your concerns. This will allow you to maximally enhance your skin with minimal side effects.

If you are unsure which skin type to target your scrub for, go for combination. Products for combination skin are typically the best exfoliating scrub for a variety of skin needs.

  1. Look for Quality Ingredients

As you are picking out individual scrubs, look for options with quality ingredients. Make sure that they are safe, not drying, and not harsh.

Do research on the individual ingredients and read a lot of reviews for them. This will tell you the quality of the product you are buying.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best scrubs that are good for your skin depends on your exact skin needs. Identify the skin type you have and select scrubs that target those needs. This will ensure that your scrub addresses your skin wants and reveals the best version of yourself.