How To Get A Truck License?

How To Get A Truck License?

How To Get A Truck License?

Commercial driving license CDL refers to a driver’s license that is used to operate commercial vehicles without any trouble. It is necessary to have a commercial driving license for those who want to drive commercial vehicles or vehicles used for transportation. The CDL is used to operate heavy and large vehicles, vehicles to transport hazardous material, and other commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles include trucks, buses, and trailers. Driving a commercial vehicle is a huge responsibility so a truck driver or a trailer driver must have a Commercial Truck License for smooth business operations.

Types of Commercial Licenses

Commercial driving licenses include Class A, Class B, and Class C licenses. To get any of the mentioned licenses, you need to pass a test to showcase your driving knowledge, road sense, and specific driving skills. For few drivers, it is highly recommended to have a training from training school to avoid road conditions and accidents

Class A Commercial Driving License

Class A driving license is to operate any commercial vehicle with another vehicle like a trailer that weighs more than 26000 pounds. Drivers having a Class A driving license can drive tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi or big rigs, a combination of trucks and trailers, livestock carriers, flatbeds, vehicles related to Class B and Class C, and tanker vehicles.

Class B Commercial Driving License

Class B driving license is to operate any single commercial vehicle (not attached to a trailer) that weighs more than 26000 pounds. Drivers having Class B driving licenses can drive straight trucks, delivery trucks like furniture trucks, box trucks, large buses, tourist buses, school buses, dump trucks with small trailers. They can also drive Class C vehicles.

Class C Commercial Driving License

Class B driving license is to operate any single commercial vehicle (not attached to a trailer) that weighs less than 26000 pounds. Drivers having Class C driving licenses can drive double trailers, triple trailers, passenger vans, buses, tanks, and other similar vehicles.

How to Get a Commercial Driving License?

Check for the minimum age requirement before you apply for the commercial driving license. The minimum age requirement varies from state to state. Some states allow applying for a commercial driving license between the ages of 18 to 21. However, some states require a minimum age of 21 years. A single state commercial driving license allows a driver to operate the commercial vehicle within the boundaries of the state of the residence of the drive. There are strict rules and guidelines to obtain a commercial driving license and each state has its regulations and requirements. To get a commercial driving license, you must pass a written knowledge test and a driving skills test, which is designed and conducted by the state itself.

Step-by-Step Guideline

  • Fulfill the minimum age requirement according to your residential state.
  • Think about the license type that you want to have. If you need a Class A or Class B driving license, you must complete driving training from an approved training provider or a training school.
  • Check for the application process and required documents you need to submit with your application.
  • Complete your application form. Attach all required documents and submit to the concerned office for further proceedings.
  • Submit your identity and social security number verifications as per the requirements by your state.
  • Show proof of your residence and proof of the state.
  • Plan your medical examination from an authorized doctor, laboratory, hospital, or clinic. Submit your complete medical examination report. Make sure to get a certificate that proves that the laboratory or hospital is certified to conduct a medical examination.
  • Pass the vision test to prove that you can see properly.
  • Pass a knowledge exam that will prove that you know the basics of driving and know the road signs and other important information.
  • Now wait for a few days and then schedule your driving test on the road.
  • Passing a pre-trip inspection is necessary.
  • Bring your commercial vehicle to pass the road skill test and driving test.
  • Once you have passed and cleared all exams and tests, pay the necessary fee to get your Commercial Driving License.
  • If you already have a driving license from one state and want to apply for a driving license of a second state, you must submit the driving record of at least 10 years along with your application.