How to Limit the Risk When Selling Your Car

Selling a car is certainly not an easy task to deal with. The real deal is to make the decisions on how you are going to go about selling the car. It doesn’t matter, whether you are selling the car on your own, trading it in, or selling it to a dealership, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of before you put your vehicle on the market. Well, selling the car privately does often seem to bring you the highest price compared to other methods, but it does not reflect all the time, effort, money, and stress you need to cope up with during the process.

Here are some ways to limit the risk when you are privately selling a car Sydney.

Avoid wasting your time with non-serious buyers

Whatever you are selling, getting inquiries from people who are not serious buyers will always happen. Well, it is basically just a part of selling and buying culture. But, you can limit your time wasted on those non-serious buyers through understanding how to do a good screening of the people who contact you and ask about the cash for car Sydney.

Non-serious buyers are usually just inquiring and keep reducing the price to score a sweet deal at your expense. In the worst case, some of these people are trying to find an opportunity to scam you in some ways. It is crucial for you to keep yourself away from these people because they will do their best to make you trust them as legitimate buyers when they really are not.

The most simple and easiest good screening method to avoid these people is by asking them these questions and be sure to get answers from them.

  • What is their full name?
  • Are they living in your neighborhood?
  • Do they want to see the vehicle?

Aside from good screening inquiries, make sure to protect your personal safety when you schedule a meeting with prospective buyers to show them the car you are selling.

Avoid stranger danger

Although the number of proven cases is extremely rare, the fact that some people are unfortunately harmed while selling their car on their own does happen in some areas. That way, it is crucial to make sure that you do not share your personal information when advertising to sell car or car removal in Sydney. Be sure to black out your personal information on service and repair records when potential buyers are asking for it.

Moreover, avoid agreeing to meet up with potential buyers at your home. It is safer to choose a very public area where there will be many people around, especially where the area is under video surveillance. Also, it would be better if you have a friend to come along with you as well. 

When the potential buyers are asking you for a permission to do a test drive, make sure to get a copy of their driver’s license that has their complete personal information, such as name, address, and date of birth on it. Share the information with your friend while you ride along on the test drive. Make an agreement on the route you will take on the test drive and set the test drive duration of no more than 15 minutes.

Avoid fake payment transaction

There are plenty of ways that scammers might actually try to take your car with paying a single penny for it, including a fake payment. Nowadays, counterfeiting bills, making fake transfer receipts or bank checks are a piece of cake, which can be done in no time. That is why you should be extra careful about this.

Be sure to make a clear contract agreement about the payment terms, which both sides are agreed to follow. There are two simple rules for accepting payments from prospective buyers. Firstly, never let a buyer sign over the title of your car before you have verified that the payment is already received in your bank account. Secondly, meet at your bank to accept the payment to verify the transaction.