How to Save Money When Moving

Moving is one of the most expensive and stressful processes. It needs a lot of planning, and it takes a lot of time and money. Without proper planning, the moving process will cost you a lot more than you had budgeted.

If you are moving to New York, you can contact a moving company manhattan to help you plan the moving process to keep you within the budget. When moving it is also a time you can save money and even maybe make some. 

Here are a few ways you can save extra moving costs:

   1. Remove What you No Longer Need

The more items you have, the higher the moving costs. You will need a bigger truck and more work hours to pack and move your stuff. Considering moving companies charge per hour for the movers, the less time you spend moving, the more money you save. 

You can create a simple checklist to see the essentials you must move with and the non-essentials goods. The essentials should be items that will be expensive or difficult to replace. The rest of the things should be considered for sale or donation. 

Once you have classified your items, you can check their state to see which ones are worth selling and the ones you can give away. For example, old electronics are usually still valuable and can fetch a reasonable price in the market. On the other hand, items such as old clothes that are difficult to sell should be donated. 

You can sell these items on the internet or make a garage sale. Donations can be done through thrift shops nearby or talk to moving company manhattan to see if they collect donations.

  2. Use Cheap, Available or Rented Packing Material

The cost of packing boxes will seem minor when you calculate the price of each, but if you are moving, the combined expenses will amount to high costs that will eat heavily into your budget. 

You should consider using old boxes lying around in the house or used containers from large outlet stores or supermarkets. These boxes are free, and using them will save you a significant amount of money on packaging. 

You can also contact a moving company and check if they rent out moving boxes. Doing this will save you the costs of buying boxes that you will not need or use after moving. 

Available household storage items such as garbage bags, suitcases and washing baskets all reduce the number of boxes you have to rent to fit your items when moving. You can also leave your clothes and other things in the drawers when moving. It will be heavy but will keep your pocket full. You can wrap your drawers with glad wrap to keep them from falling. 

  3. Consider Between a Moving Company or Asking Friends for Help

Moving companies are usually more expensive as you have to pay for the truck, the movers’ labour and time. This will surely eat into your pocket, especially if you are moving on a budget. You can consider asking friends for help when moving and hiring a truck and pay them with a night out and save the money. But is it worth the risk?

Your friends are not professional movers hence will spend a lot of time packing, unpacking and carrying the loads. They might also find it difficult to carry heavy loads. What about your precious items? What if they fall and break or are destroyed? Who is going to pay for them? These are the questions you should ask yourself. 

A  moving company manhattan offers you professionalism and assurance. Movers hired by the moving company are professionals with experience. They have done this work for some time and know how to handle your goods with care. They will also spend less time moving compared to your friends. 

You also get insurance from some companies. In case of damage to your property, you will either receive a refund or replace your product. As they are professionals, this rarely happens, and you can rest easy as your items are being moved.

Trying to save some money might end up costing you even more in the end as you cannot charge friends for damages. However, the time and stress the moving companies protect you from will make the extra money you spend on them worth it. 

You could do some research on reliable moving companies in the area with reasonable rates and offering discounts. This should save you some money on them. You can also consider moving during the off-season. 

Between May and September, you will pay premium rates and have difficulty scheduling moving because it is peak time. Move during the weekdays as weekends are usually the busiest. 

  4. Get Help from Family and Friends

If you Want to save some money with your friends’ help, you should consider packing with them. Packing in advance will reduce the time movers will need to move your goods hence save you money. 

Moving companies usually charge packing services but still accept to move your stuff if they are already packed. You should all know how to pack the breakables to avoid moving accidents. Most moving companies that offer insurance will not do so if you load the goods yourself, so care is essential. 

Additional Tips

  • You should also start the moving process early to give you time to collect enough moving boxes and pack your stuff well. 
  • You should consider renting a storage unit if you are moving to a smaller place if it is temporary. This will save you on the costs of moving and still help you keep your essentials. 
  • Empty your refrigerator, freezer and pantry to prevent wastage of food. In case there is still some remaining, you can donate the non-perishables. You can check if the moving company manhattan is partnered with Move for Hunger and donate with them if they are. You can eat the perishables on the moving day and save yourself from a quick take out. Pack the perishables to be dined on moving day. 


Moving should never be a stressful time nor an expensive endeavor. The key to ensuring that is proper planning and organization. Knowing what you need in advance helps you plan for it, save money, time and keep you away from stress. Always do your research before hiring a moving company to avoid delays, extra costs, and hostage situations.