iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak

We are glad to remind you that Apple finally offered the 13th iPhone operating system to the audience on September this year along with newly arranged features like Siri voice, system-wide dark mode and so on. And now, there are a couple of versions in the array which will extend with iOS 13.2 in the near future. However, this is about iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak and Cydia, that all are excited for. iOS 13.1.2 is a minor arrangement of the array and that released between 13.1.1 and 13.1.3. So it brought a couple of fixes and enhancements to the operating system. At this instant, those who are interested can sign in iOS 13.1.2.

Download iOS 13.1.2 on your iDevice

If you are with a compatible iPhone, iPod Touch, you can count iOS 13.1.2 download right away. As usually, you are accessible via iTunes with respective IPSW files or else as an OTA. You will be able to collect all those newly arranged security updates and fixes throughout.

Download Cydia with iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak

Chimera and Unc0ver are the two latest releases of jailbreakers to download Cydia. But the matter is not any single of them can support us for Cydia download iOS 13.1.2. Using one of them, we can only reach iOS 12.4. For that reason, all the versions starting from iOS 12.4.1 cannot reach Cydia. Unfortunately, we do not have any positive detail about iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak thus far. What we recently got is a jailbreak tool and that developed by well-known Luca Todesco using popular Checkm8 exploit of researcher Aix0mX. It is Checkra1n that has been developed as a supposed jailbreak arrangement. Since Checkra1n jailbreak showed on an iPhone SE and iPod Touch that even running iOS 13, we cannot say will it support for jailbreak iOS 13.1.2 as well. In accordance with further clarifications, the used exploit is based on devices that are with A5 to A11 hardware parts including iPhone X. So the best part of this interesting thing is Apple cannot that easily patch the security hole like many other prior jailbreak releases for it is completely related to the hardware.

Luca Todesco for iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak

At this moment, Luca Todesco did not post anything about a public jailbreak release. And even we are yet to know if Checkra1n tool supports for iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak. So we just brought everything above with a couple of reliable posts that we captured. We yet to know is there is any other jailbreaker to stand behind iOS 13.1.2. Because of such shady points, we cannot confirm the developer of any future jailbreak tool.

Should I download iOS 13.1.2?

If you were excited about iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak, remember that you have to stay far from download iOS 13.1.2. And even the story of jailbreak iOS 13.1.2 is a little complicated for there is no direct detail about. If you are completely free to use whatever iOS version, then you are welcome to iOS 13.1.2 as one of the latest Apple releases. By the way, the decision is totally up to you.