Major Hiring Property Solicitors and Real Estate Lawyers

Whether you are planning to buy a property or sell one, one of the first things you would need to do is to hire a reliable property solicitor. They are specialized professionals whose job is to coordinate all the legal things about the property transactions on your behalf. In some states, they may also be involved in the marketing of the property and handling all the legal processes involved in transferring ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. If you are looking for property solicitors Melbourne, then here we will give you some valuable information.

What do Property Solicitors do?


While hiring property solicitors Melbourne, make sure that they perform all these tasks, and preferably even more:

  • Talking with you, and understanding your instructions, expectations, and turn-offs
  • Going through your contract and documents and checking their terms and details properly
  • Making sure that the documents meet your demands and expectations, and if not, taking appropriate action 
  • Checking the property boundaries, its access points, and any limitations or restrictions 
  • Raising enquires if needed
  • Assessing the survey report results and advising you accordingly
  • Requesting clarifications regarding the property or the transaction
  • Getting in touch with your mortgage lender and ensuring that they meet all your administrative and financial expectations
  • Preparing reports as per the information given by all the parties
  • Managing money transfers
  • Negotiating completion and exchange dates
  • Registering the buyer with the land registry
  • Managing payments for stamp duty and land registry fees 
  • Ensuring that the property does not have any legal charges on it
  • Handling any other legal process required for the transaction

Finding the Best Property Solicitors Melbourne


Buying or selling a property in Melbourne takes expertise and knowledge of a professional. That is why choosing a reliable and experienced property solicitor is highly advisable. Here are a few aspects you must look into while hiring property solicitors Melbourne:

  • They must be certified by Australian authorities to offer a high standard of work
  • They must provide you an estimate of their fees, as buying or selling a property may take time and the process may get too complex at times. Avoid hiring a solicitor who charges on an hourly basis, as this can accumulate and rise and end up being very expensive.
  • Try to find a solicitor who will charge for the work done, not because they are hired by you, as you would not want to pay for a transaction that never happened due to any reason.
  • Ask them whether the cost estimate they have given to you includes every expense involved in the process, including bank transfer fees, taxes, land registry fees, etc. By having an all-inclusive price quote from the beginning itself, you know how much you need to spend so that you can make the required preparations.
  • The solicitor that you choose should not be too busy with too many cases, as they may be too busy to respond to you promptly or distracted to find the nuances in the legal documents.
  • Make sure that the property solicitors Melbourne you have chosen are technologically advanced and are able to respond via email, social media, Skype, instant messaging, and other such ways.
  • They must talk to you directly, as personalized service will eventually mean reduced stress and a clear picture.
  • They must be ready to work with your real estate agent, as this will make the entire process much smoother than working separately.
  • They must have experience in working on the type of purchase you are planning to accomplish. Apart from houses and offices, there can be more complex purchases that you may be planning to do, such as houseboats, conversions, leasehold properties, etc.

Now that you know so much about these professionals, choose property solicitors Melbourne who are proficient enough to handle your case and turn your property transaction into a huge success as per your expectations.