What to consider for a career in logistics and supply chain management?

Logistics and supply chain management offers many job roles which revolve around the process of manufacturing, storing and delivering the final product to its consumer while planning and managing the task revolving around it. Read on to know more about the opportunities in supply chain management sector is offering for the interested students. 

  • Supply Chain Planner: It’s a management role to develop strategies for advance improvement and analyze the overall supply chain performance.
  • Procurement manager: In this job role you have to make good and competitive deals while procuring goods for your organization. If you have excellent negotiation and communication skills, you can start your career as an assistant while working your way up by gaining experience.
  • Demand Planner: This job role includes responsibilities such as Estimating and forecasting the future demand for a company’s requirements in the form of raw material and finished products while conveniently avoiding over-supply.
  • Distribution center supervisor: Their daily task is to supervise the processes taking place in distribution centers. They are responsible for minimizing losses, generating revenues and ensuring the timely deliveries of goods to their respective customers. 
  • Production Planner: They have to work in collaboration with demand planners on the manufacturing and production processes within a company to ensure the ideal level of manufacturing output is brought into line with demand.

  • Demand planning analyst: Managing stock levels, billing processes and analyzing the inventory to avoid negative consequences. If you are interested in quantitative analysis, then you should plan to take demand planning analyst as a fulltime career.
  • Capacity Planner: This is a broader role encompassing all elements of a manufacturing unit rather than a particular process alone. They optimize manufacturing capacity through resource procurement in collaboration with supply chain partners.
  • Logistics Resource Planner: This job role deals with human resources to fulfill customers’ orders and manage the warehouse and transportation expenses under the company’s budget.
  • Load Planner: They have to compile customer orders and transport them through efficient delivery routes to save time.
  • Supply Chain Solution Design Analyst: Designing solutions for improving the current performance rate and analyzing a company’s supply chain management.
  • Supply chain Finance Management: You can expect this kind of job role in multinational companies that require specialized teams to control the supply chain expenses. 
  • Supply Chain IT: IT teams providing dedicated services to manage technical obstacles hampering the process of supply chain or logistics function.

Supply chain management and logistics offer various job opportunities in freight forwarding organizations, clearing, couriers and third-party logistics industry. You can learn key elements with logistics and supply chain management courses to explore the job opportunities not only within the industry but also in many other sectors catering to it. 

You can work as a consultant, supply chain analyst, expeditor, customer service manager, export executive, fulfilment supervisor, warehouse operations manager, transportation manager, shipping coordinator, purchasing manager, supply chain software manager, and as an international logistics manager.