Life in Australia is perfect. Wait, so you’re planning about moving there? Well, here’s a thing! You cannot just pick your stuff, pack, and fly to Australia and live in a dream house. You may have only observed the beauty of it online or maybe you already have visited there. But visiting someplace and living there are two very different things.

So why do people migrate to Australia?

People usually migrate to Australia for a better career opportunity and lifestyle, as it has access to quality education and also is politically stable. There are many reputable universities such as the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash, RMIT that are high in standards. The University of Melbourne is known for the best courses of IELTS, PTE, and Cambridge, and there are unlimited classes of PTE Courses-Melbourne, which helps students achieve their scores in English for years.

Now the “how to move to Australia” part. To comfort you with becoming an ex-pat and immigration to Australia you need to focus on some main key points. The first thing you need to learn is your visa type. What kind of visa you need for immigration. Secondly, you should be aware of all the expenses of moving there and living. For income, you definitely need to know how to find a secure job.

To escape all the headaches and hassle in the process, connect to a migration agent. They will help you with the process and makes it easier for you but don’t fool yourself by thinking that they can speed up your visa application process or guarantee something.

You can consider the following tips to plan your move to Australia.



              “A man without a job is a dead man.” Before applying for a visa you first need to worry about your employment opportunities. Learn what job opportunities are available to achieve a secure job.

               If you aim to stay in Australia for a long period of time on a visitor’s visa, you have to figure out a solid reason to give to the Australian government. Tell them that you are willing to do a job that benefits their local economy.


                There is a wide range of visa options. If you want to immigrate to Australia you can apply for any of it. As mentioned above, you have to find a secure job first and if you have already then ask your manager if they could nominate you for a work visa.

              There are more than 15 work-related visas available through the Australian government.

               If you are a skilled migrant, you can just go forward with the skilled visa. Consider a skilled migration program and get nominated by the government for a skilled visa. You can glance through some skilled occupation list to examine if you can qualify for any. Consult your migration agent so he can advise you on the most appropriate visa to use.

               There are some other visas you can apply for a refugee visa, student visa, humanitarian visa and also training visas.


               When you are finished with your employment and visa stuff, go find yourself a home to settle in. But it is not really easy to find and afford a house in Australia. The cost of living in Australia is higher than in most other countries and you should also be prepared for paying high taxes, you should be prepared for extra costs too. You need a place to settle in because then you have fit in with the Australian culture as well.


               If you finally decide to stay in Australia for the rest of your life, you can apply for citizenship. All you are required to do is meet some residency requirements, take an interview and should be physically present in Australia for the past 3 years. You must show a good character and should be between 18-60 years of age.

              The application work can at least take 3 months or less to process.

               If you are on a work visa and decided to stay a little longer then feel free to apply for permanent residency. This way, you won’t be an actual citizen but can live and work or study without any restrictions. Guaranteed.


               It is normal to experience disturbance when you arrive in a new country to settle in. Because of many new experiences, you might feel overwhelmed or get homesick. If you are already familiar with the western culture or English language, it will be easier for you to subsume swiftly after moving to Australia.

               There is commonly no restriction on freedom and religion as all Australians are equal under the eyes of the law.

               Many Australians prefer outdoor nature which includes hiking through nature some like sun-kissed beaches and some just prefer the busy roads of Australia.


               Before you convert your bank accounts for use in the Australian system, you need to convert the money itself. While transferring money betwixt currencies there can be a fall in the exchange rate moving. In this case, make sure you ask your company to lock in the current rate so there will be no fall against you during the rate exchange against you.

              The second option is, you can bring the money to Australia in cash. 


               Want to be safe? well, Australia is not very safe and crime-free. Right after when you are settled in Australia, make sure to know all the emergency contacts(police, ambulance, fire brigade) for your safety. Find a house in well-lit areas. The crime rate in Australia has increased by 60% in the last 3 years.

               There’s not much to worry about crimes as the government of Australia has launched crime prevention policies and is further taking care of it.


               In a nutshell, all you have to do before moving into Australia is to look for a potential job employer. And when you find one, get yourself nominated for the visa work required. After doing that find a home and involve among  Australians to build a good image of yours which will be needed for your citizenship. Transfer your bank accounts or carry money to Australia in cash. Care for your safety. Following these tips can save you time and effort.