Tops Telugu songs of 2020

Music has always been an essential part of our lives as it provides many benefits for human health.  Music helps you focus better so you can use additional focusing abilities that you thought you didn’t have before. Listening to your favorite songs, change your mood, and help you see new things and come up with new ideas. Each word of the song is combined with a certain tone. Once paired, specific brain centers are activated. The bottom line is that by listening to music, your brain will develop new ideas. If you have a job that requires creativity, you now know what to do.

Different types of music have different characteristics. Soft and classical music is most useful in this case. Heavy music is helpful in a completely different way. Telugu cinema is also known as the Tollywood film industry. You can think of Tollywood as the nickname for the Telugu cinema. It is a part of the Indian cinema that is dedicated to motion picture production in the Telugu language. Whether you want to listen to soft music or a fan of heavy music, Telugu songs are always the best to listen.

Songs in Telugu have always held a special place in the hearts, as well as the playlists of all of us. Its lively rhythms are accompanied by beautifully written lyrics that make the song of prosperity a joy for both ears. Famous artists from the music industry sing these beautiful songs in Telugu. Ramuloo Ramulaa, Samajavaragamana, Elluvochl Godaramma, Dimak Kharab, Undipo, and Bad Boy are the name of some of the favorite songs these days. 

To all Telugu songs fans, here is a list of top Telugu songs for you to listen to and enjoy. As the name suggests, this playlist consists of the 20 best Telugu songs recently launched in the music industry. The Telugu songs in this playlist are so melodic that once you listen to them, you can’t resist humming. Listen to the best Telugu songs from this list of best songs of 2020.

  1. Kathakaadhey

             Remo (Telugu) 

  1. MalliRaava (Reprise)


  1. Prema Vennela


  1. Pedda pedda kallathoti

            Hello Guru Prema Kosame

  1. Nuvve Nuvve  

            Ramya Behara 

  1. Khoya KhoyaKabir Rafi


  1. KrishnaveniRahul Sipligunj 

            Orey Bujjiga

  1. Theri Aank LagaareChinni Ponnu 

             L+ (Love Positive)

  1. Ninnu Chuse Anandamlo

             Gang Leader

  1. Jarra Jarra


  1. Ee Babu Gariki

             Pelli Choopulu

  1. Bugge Bangaarama


  1. Kanureppala Kaalam

             Geetha Govindam

  1. Don’u Don’u Don’u


  1. Naalo Neeku

             Mr. Majnu

  1. Manakannapodichey


  1. Chiru Chiru Navvula

             Mr Majnu

  1. Manasanta Mukkalu Chesi

             Prema Kavali

  1. Darbar Motion Poster


  1. Kanulu Navainaa


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