No Hot Water? This Might Be the Reason

When you are in winter, it’s the best time to have a shower with warm water in the morning. But, have you ever woken up thinking about jumping into warm shower water, only to find there is no hot water and your shower is freezing cold? If so, then you understand what a hindrance it can be to have a problem with your hot water. 

When this happens, it means something is going on with the water heater.

 This could involve a simple repair or be a sign of something more serious going on. Fortunately, in some cases, it can be easily resolved, as long as you know the right procedure and the root of the problems.

If you are reading this because you have no hot water and wondering if having no hot water is a plumbing emergency, read on.

  1. It’s all about the pilot light. This is the simplest one. Check your water heater to make sure the pilot light is still on. You can read your manual. If you find the pilot light is out, try to re-light it following the instruction on the manual.
  2. If you’re using gas hot water heater, well, it seems that you have problem which is caused by the leak in the gas line or pipe leading to the appliance. You will know the sign by the smell of rotten eggs all over your bathroom or house. This problem can’t be fixed alone, because gas line system is really dangerous and should be handled by the professional. Call a Plumber Sydney  to help you immediately. Don’t worry about the quotes, because there will be a high quality cheap plumber out there.
  3. Your heating element might be broke. In the case of not enough hot water, or hot water that is not hot enough, it may be that you need to replace the heating element on your water heater.

Sediment build up is always being the most annoying problem affecting plumbing system. 

Over time, water contaminants will build up and harden inside the pipe, reducing heater’s ability to produce ample of hot water. Combat the sediment by cleaning your water heater regularly, softening hard water with a water softening agent, and reducing the temperature of the water heater to 130 degrees. If it’s rusty, there is only one option, replace it.

Check your thermostat. 

If your hot water is not hot enough, it may be that you need to adjust the temperature on your water heater thermostat. If it doesn’t work, your thermostats are not working correctly, in which case you may need to replace them.

Through referencing heater manual

you can fix the simplest problems of your hot water heater. Even some cases can be done using DIY projects, but keep remember if the heater problem comes connecting with your pipe line, immediately call a professional. Your home’s plumbing is a major investment, and one that you will need to last for many years to come. Don’t take any chances with faulty plumbing materials or installation.

The Preferred Hot Water System Brands 

Also, when it comes to purchasing a new hot water system that is going to be installed in the household, it matters to consider the reliability and the energy efficiency of it. Choosing the right hot water system with both factors is important, in order to ensure that it meets your needs. It is equally important to take measures to improve the performance.  There are a few manufacturers who produce the hot water system. However, there are various brands from the entry level, mid-level into the high quality, which are specifically built to support your household’s needs.

 At least, there are 4 top brands of gas and electric hot water system that are well-known and commonly used. You will discover them below: 

  • Rheem

There are a stack of various hot water brands available on the market that you can choose from gas to solar hot water system. It’s established since 1925 and has been maintained since then to produce various systems to support the household’s needs of hot water. In fact, Rheem is one of the biggest and largest manufacturers in producing water heating products in Australia and United States. The products offered are ranging from multiple water heating solution gas, electric, hybrid heat pumps, and solar from a tank-type to thankless hot water solution. Surprisingly, their business is growing rapidly. Their productions are now also involved with the refrigeration system, pool & spa and air conditioning product. 

  • Rinnai

Rinnai is one of the biggest worldwide manufacturing companies. It is available in at least 16 countries including Indonesia, China, United States, Australia, Brazil, Italy and many more. It is established since 1920’s and ever since then it has worked on the business for over 45 years. Rinnai is specialized in producing a heat-energy appliance, dishwasher, clothes dryers, cooking appliances, bath broilers, air conditioning and heating solutions. 

  • Dux 

Dux is known as the most popular hot water heaters manufacturing that based on Australia since 1915. Dux are manufactured in the southern highlands of NSW where they consistently continue the research and development in providing and supporting consumers’ needs with a high quality and reliable products along with efficiency. The company itself manufactures large range of products such as gas storage units, electric storage, flat panel solar, heat pump and commercial units. 

  • Aquamax  

It is a well-accepted hot water heaters brand for Australia domestic and commercial market.  They start the business since 1988 in Melbourne. Although it’s newer than the previous brand, Aquamax is actually the first innovative company that offers 10 year warranted product to the domestic market. Within their first 6 years, they have fabricated the production more than 100.000 units. 

In order to ensure that you choose the right hot water system brand for your household, it would be the best idea to talk to the reliable plumber Sydney and gather as much information as possible from their plumbing experts. They will help you in determining which brand and model will satisfy your needs. Make sure you also find the model that fits within your budget.