On Gaming In A Healthy Way For Kids

Almost all households have kids that play games living in them.

A lot of the gaming is made up of kids playing online games and that brings with it concerns like privacy and cyberbullying issues. 

Below are a few ways you can help a kid to the game in a safe manner: 

Pay Attention 

Video games are a lot different than they were in the 70s when they were a lot more simple. You need to know about the content that is in the games your kids play. It’s easy to look at what’s in a game you just have to look at the box to see what the rating is or refer to the Australian Classification Board’s information about a game. 

Play With Your Child 

Kids need to know what it takes to be smart about how they act in an online world, which is a lot of what the Cyberwise module goes over. If you’re a parent there are ways to teach about online gaming. For instance, you can speak to your children about being safe online, only using legitimate websites and why gaming too much isn’t a good thing. It’s also possible to grab a controller and play with them to get a feel for what they are doing in their games. 

Get Prepared Properly 

There are control options that you can work with like restricting content or setting time limits. However, you should also make deals with your children that involve how they game. Have them agree with you about when they’ll play and when they’ll take breaks. There should also be consequences if they don’t stick to the rules. 

Stay Aware 

While looking carefully at how your child plays games, look at them personally too so you can see if they have any changes in behavior due to gaming. They need to know they can communicate with you so they can tell you when they have problems that require you to step in. 

Strategize With Your Child 

Your child needs to know what they’re responsible for and they need to know what it takes to get through tough experiences. For kids that are in their teenage years, the Young and eSafe are good places for them to begin. When it comes to younger kids, learn a little about Life Education and their school visits.