Organic Wooden Toys for Your Children

We’ll be absolutely right if we say that the children are the parents’ greatest happiness. We guide all the efforts on their welfare, without a thought of ourselves. Special attention is given to the things, which are always in children’s reach or surround it. The food and cosmetics for children are produced in other technology to be hypoallergenic and safe. 

However, even a child’s educational activity, for the most part, is connected with toys. Most of their free time they play, and no one game is without toys. It often happens that people don’t notice the possible threat of modern toys. Our shop –, offers a great solution. Move away from plastic playsets to wooden eco toys. We’re also parents and can understand their worries like nobody’s business. It made us sell and publicize wooden toys.

If you think that a wooden toy means ugly, rustic and nondescript car, dolls, and blocks that we used to imagine, you’re wrong. This industry has changed a lot. You won’t see that harsh frames harming your kids. These toys aim at being friendly to the environment and children.

Wooden Toys for Girls has a wide range of goods to please your baby. Among the diversity of our goods you can choose a set of toys suitable for a girl:

  • Wooden playhouse. It’s a great way to keep the child out of digital toys. Various doll playhouses and rainbow playsets promote the development of motor skills and ability to create combinations of objects and colors. The doll playhouse is the safe equivalent of a plastic Barbie house.
  • Play kitchen sets. Girls are always interested in such type of activities. They like to recreate real-life situations to feel grown-up. The kitchen sets ideally fit for such games.

Using playsets is more justified than playing with one toy because sets allow having fun with friends. As we know, communication is very important for kids. 

Eco-Friendly Toys for Boys

The division of toys on girly and boyish is rather conditional. All our toys are versatile, so let your child decide for yourself. We’re sure that boys will appreciate the following toys:

  • Building blocks. They have various kinds and shapes. Each cube may represent the letter of the alphabet or geometrical figure.
  • Railway set with the train. Let your child be happy without motor cars. The wooden train set is a good decoration of your house.
  • Airplane toy. Its quality and longevity let your child do everything he wants. 

We collaborate with brands, who produce organic wooden toys: Brio, Wendy, Thomas, and Grimms. Whatever you choose, rocking horse or wooden climbing toy – we guarantee that child will be glad and, first of all, protected from toxic materials. Our aim is to keep a balance between the highest quality and appropriate pricing to be available for every family. Moreover, our toys can help to avoid the child’s addiction to digital toys and gadgets. If you want to contribute to children’s intellectual development, buy eco wooden toys in