Original cosmetics to buy in November 2020

Autumn is a great time to care about our skin. The changing of the temperature outside requires you to use of cosmetics that will improve the look of your skin. If you want to provide the highest care to your skin, it is worth it to use Korean products that you can find at Niasha’s online store. This article will tell more about the products worth buying this month.

  1. Advent calendar mask box
  2. Benton Travel Kit
  3. Why is it worth to purchase Korean cosmetics?

Advent calendar mask box

Advent calendars used to be full of chocolates and they were bought for children. Nowadays, children have their own advent calendars, while ladies purchase calendars filled with face masks or other cosmetics. It is a wonderful accessory that will let you count down to Christmas in a special way. The Advent calendar mask box by Niasha consists of 24 sheet masks. The whole box looks amazing and it is also a perfect present for a birthday for everyone who has a birthday in November. The Advent calendar mask box costs CHF 49,50 and it can be bought in Niasha online store. You can also buy korean beauty products online of various types, such as products for the face, skin, makeup, and more.

Benton Travel Kit

During traveling for Christmas it is worth to take the travel kit with you. At Niasha you can find a great Benton Travel Kit in a beautiful pouch where every item has its place. There are several cosmetics that you can find in this kit. They are the following:

– Cleansing water (30ml)

– Cleansing foam (30g)

– Skin toner (50ml)

– Eye cream (10g)

– Soothing gel (30ml)

– Facial Essence (15ml)

– Facial cream (12g)

The Benton Travel Kit costs CHF 28,50.

Why is it worth to purchase Korean cosmetics?

There are many reasons why Korean beauty products are so popular. There are some major reasons:

– They are high-quality products – those cosmetics are made of natural ingredients that are mainly available in Asian countries.

– There are many choices – when you are interested in face masks, you soon find out that there are so many of them available at Niasha. There is a wide range of beauty products, too.

– There are unique products – people loved Korean cosmetics because they are very special. You will not find similar cosmetics in other countries.

– Everyone can afford to buy Korean products – beauty items that are available at Niasha are provided at really good prices. It means that a lot of people can afford to buy them and find out that those cosmetics are premium but sold at good prices.