Pass CCNA R&S Exams with PrepAway Study Materials and Obtain Cisco Certification with Ease

Almost every company in the world is using the Internet, and that is why it is necessary to have proper networking solutions. Without decent networking solutions, it would be very difficult to do any kind of work. Companies also need the professionals who can take care of networking every day. There are a lot of networking issues that can occur, and that is why there needs to be someone who can take care of those problems. If you want to make networking your career, you need to make sure that you are good at it.

There are quite a few ways to polish your routing & switching skills, but attaining a Cisco certification is going to be a better choice.If you go for a proper certificate from a reputable source, you will have something to show to your employers. Companies receive hundreds of applications every day and they need to make quick decisions based on limited information. Hence, if they see that a candidate is certified, they will surely consider him for the job. There are a lot of organizations that offer networking certifications, but one of the best has to be Cisco.

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Cisco certifications

Cisco is the world leader when it comes to networking solutions, and it is understandable that they also offer certifications related to that domain. There are a number of certificates that Cisco offers, but we will be talking here about the CCNA Routing & Switching credential. There are a lot of benefits of being CCNA R&S certified. First and foremost, seeking this certificate will keep you up with the latest technologies. The IT field is growing every single day, and it is important to make sure that you are up-to-date.

Cisco controls that everything that they teach can be applied practically. Being Cisco certified will significantly affect your salary scale. The employers are quick to make decisions based on the candidate’s qualification, so if they notice that you have CCNA Routing & Switching, it will get you a better salary. The certified professionals are in demand but very low in supply. Therefore, companies are interested in such rare specialists.

Some people have the confusion that they can only begin their networking career if they have this certification. This is very far from the truth because having the right knowledge is the responsibility of the person. The CCNA Routing & Switching certificate only acts as a booster that will launch your career to new heights.

When you get the certificate, it will stay valid for 3 years, and after this time, you will have to recertify. Networking techniques and technologies keep on updating after certain intervals, that is why Cisco has to make sure that their certified members also remain up-to-date.

Exam details

To obtain the CCNA Routing & Switching credential, you first need to pass the 200-125 test. This exam might be difficult, but you need to approach it like a regular test, if you let it get on your nerves, then passing might become hard. Cisco 200-125 CCNA is a 90-minuteexam, and during this time, the candidates will have to answer from 60 to 70 questions. Keep in mind that the number of questions is not fixed and it can vary. This certification test is available in English and Japanese. The topics of the CCNA Routing & Switching exam are as follows:

  • Network Fundamentals
  • LAN Switching Technologies
  • Routing Technologies
  • WAN Technologies
  • Infrastructures Services
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Infrastructure Management

Preparation process

You might hear people talking about the difficulty level of this certification exam, but earning this credential is only difficult if you have not prepared adequately. If you are serious about getting CCNA Routing & Switching, then you need to start preparing for the exam early. Each and every topic that makes up the CCNA R&Scertification test is important, and you need to devote enough time to all of them. Some topics are more significant than others, that is why you need to have a deep understanding of all the things.

There are a lot of free study sources that you can find, but not all of them will be authentic. If you are going to use free sources, make sure that you do a thorough search and use multiple materials for better results. When you search on the Internet, you should also read the personal experiences that people share regarding the CCNA Routing & Switching certification. By reading these reviews, you can have a better understanding of what you are up against.

If you can spend a little more money, you can purchase study guides online. They are always up-to-date and will contain only the information that you really need. Study guides are also loaded with practice questions along with their answers. You need to take these practice tests very seriously because that is how you can properly prepare yourself.

The PrepAway website offers a lot of tests. By taking them you can also know where your weaknesses lie and you can solve those problems later on. PrepAway is among the most popular study platforms, and you can be sure that its materials are actual. You can find many positive reviews and see how the exam candidates effectively use PrepAway.


The CCNA Routing & Switching certification is perfect for anyone who is willing to excel in the networking field. If you are a part of the IT industry and you haven’t earned this credential, it is about time that you go for it. Becoming Cisco certified will open up a lot of opportunities for your career and that is just one reason to get certified.

However, the CCNA Routing & Switching credential is not for everyone. If you wish to become certified, you need to make sure that you have some working experience in the networking side. If you are not experienced enough, you will not be eligible to take the exam. Besides, it requires thorough preparation. Use books, courses, and PrepAway practice tests.