Rethinking Digital Transformation in Document Management Systems

As organizations expand, they tend to deal with more and more important documents. These documents need to be stored and easily accessible. This is why companies like Apple and amazon needs a digital Document Management Solution to manage their files as quickly as possible.

Files management has been an arduous task before the introduction of a digital document management system. It is usually challenging to locate documents in the cabinet. However, the digitalization of document management has alleviated all the challenges of the traditional management system.

Document Management System in the business world has seen tremendous improvement. The current editions of DMS are cloud-based and well secured. They also make it easier for several people to collaborate on a particular document without any glitches.

Cloud-based document management system or a digital document management system is essential to the success of a company. In this article, you will get to know seven reasons why you should embrace digital document management solution.

Why should I Embrace a Digital Document Management System?

As early as 1980, entrepreneurs have been pushing ideas that will transform paper-based documents into electronic versions with multi-file format support. The idea evolved to become the present-day digital management system. It also brought about technologically powered digital storage that is the center of the success of a company. Soon, the digitalization of a company becomes a critical factor in determining a company’s strength in the market. Thus, for a company to stay relevant in the present-day business war, it must always improve its digital strategy.

Some of the critical innovations to work on are:

  • Inter- and intra-organizational collaboration objectives
  • Content retention policies and risk mitigation
  • Fast and improved search
  • Artificial Intelligence Innovations
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Platform security and speed

A mature “digital” enterprise will embark on innovations that will make their platform more mobile-friendly. They will also ensure that the platform is well integrated and secured. Apart from this, they will retain contents and enhance collaboration without undermining the artificial intelligence capability.

Seven Reasons why You Need to Go Digital


Documentation has proved to be a difficult task at the office. Most of the employees don’t often perform well due to the challenges they face in locating a file or getting them. Often time, workers might have to create another record because the previous one has been destroyed due to rain or fire. As a result, they have to put their works on hold. The fact that files are couriered from a branch to another makes it a little bit difficult to work at the right time. Most of the time, workers waste their productive time while waiting for the arrival of the files from the headquarters. However, texts can be transported within miles in a few seconds with a digital DMS.

According to research, document challenges account for 21.3% of productivity loss. If the document challenges are prevented with the introduction of digital document sharing system, how will your company perform?

Collaboration is the Key to Business

New generational companies are turning to online freelancers to keep their companies ahead of their competitors. Without a digital management system, they would not be able to collaborate effectively with the freelancers. This is because all the freelancers are scattered all over the world, and it would be difficult to share documents. However, with a digital document management system, documents can be shared among workers in different areas without wasting money on transportation. This invention does not only improve the speed at which works are done but also makes collaboration easier. You can also track comments directly on documents and alert the appropriate people when action is needed.

It Saves Time

Research shows that professionals spend about 50% of their time searching for document and information. The research also claims that it takes about 18 minutes to locate a record. For you to perform better and save more time, you need to keep your documents in a cloud-enabled solution. A cloud-enabled software with built-in search capabilities will make you search your records quickly and faster.


Research shows that the digital document management system will save you from spending much money every year. Going digital will eliminate the cost of papers, ink cartridges, printer breakdowns, and repair cost. The introduction of digital signatures also means that you can approve documents as fast as possible without wasting much time.

According to Ombud’s research, e-signature will significantly reduce the document turnaround rate by 80%. This is because automated e-signature will allow clients and business owners to sign document quickly without printing any document.

Documents Back-Up System

Imagine this scenario; your sales representative prepared a pitch document for a new client. He was happy before he left his house for the office. Unknown to him, the text has been attacked by a virus, and it becomes inoperable. During the meeting with the client, he decided to present the document to the prospective clients. Unfortunately, he could not operate it. Scary right? Well, there is a solution to this. The solution is a virus-proof cloud-based document management system.

Time to Save the Planet

Many businesses around the world take it upon themselves to save the environment from being destroyed through deforestation. As of 2018, more than 3.6 million hectares of virgin tropical forest was lost. If care is not taken, more and more trees will be cleared for paper production until we feel the effects of deforestation. However, this can be avoided if companies embrace and adhere to the paperless policy. With a digital document management solution, you will reduce your paper usage, which will translate to less clearing of the forest. Just imagine how many trees you can save throughout the year if you stop or reduce your paper usage. More so, you can save more energy if you use printer less frequently.


Now that you are aware of the reasons why you need to go digital, it is left to you to consider how to plan your strategy. You should determine our company’s state of affairs, potential growth, and skills. It is worthy to note that you can embrace DMS irrespective of your company size, budget, or location. All you need to do is to get a scalable, reliable, and secure document management system. You can check for a digital DMS that will make your work easier and effective.