Role Of Nutraceutical In Maintaining A Good Health

Hippocrates, who was the father of modern medicine once quoted, “Let food be thy medicine.” Nutraceuticals play a significant role in the maintenance of human health and also in the treatment of diseases. First of all, let us know what Nutraceuticals are.

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are the foods which contain phytochemicals. Nutraceutical is a term which has been derived from the words “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical.” Nutraceuticals are chemical compounds which have been extracted from the original food matrix, and it helps to promote health and also prevent diseases. Nutraceuticals are a significant part of food which enhances health, modulates immunity, and also prevents and treats chronic diseases. 

Nutraceuticals are considered to be medicinal foods, and they can be characterized as prebiotics, polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibers, probiotics, antioxidants, and other various types of herbal foods. Nutraceuticals mainly consist of multiple nutrients, herbal products, and different kinds of dietary supplements which help in preventing various diseases.

Nutraceuticals for Men

Nutraceuticals are the supplements which are taken by men to remain fit and maintain their body with the growing age. It is necessary to ensure that our body is being supplied with the appropriate amount of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins, which are essential components for men for anti-aging. Nutraceuticals are supplements that possess medicinal value.

Nutraceuticals prevent the body from chronic diseases, improves the overall health of the person, and also helps various critical functions of the body. Nutraceuticals delay the aging process to make you look younger than your age. 

Many men are deficient in micronutrients, which are vital for living a good healthy life. Micronutrients are essential for the body. It affects the overall health of the body, and it also supports the body in delaying the process of aging. Nutraceutical supplements help the male body to control infertility, increase sperm motility, cure sperm dysfunction, and even increases the sperm count. It also prevents oxidative damage, which is caused to the sperms.

Nutraceuticals for Women

Generally, the scenario is that women are more attracted to natural products which can help in preserving their health and maintain their body than men. Nutraceuticals help in increasing cell growth as well as the immunity in the body. It prevents the female body from urinary tract infections (UTIs), chronic diseases, yeast infections, maintain a healthy weight, and also manage the symptoms of menopause. It reduces the problems which are occurred during the time of menstruation, it reduces the damage of oocytes in the fallopian tubes, reduction in the risk of preterm labor and it also encourages the growth and development of the embryo. Women over 40 can also try Menoquil to get relief from menopause. It is one of the best natural menopause supplements, available online readily and made from natural ingredients.

The body needs vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants for the optimal utilization of hormones. As your age grows, the body depletes nutrients from the body at a faster rate. These factors can be optimized with the help of Nutraceuticals for women

Role of Nutraceuticals in promoting health

  • Nutraceuticals are compounds with several bioactivities towards the body of humans. They are known to provide the human body with several health benefits. 
  • Nutraceuticals have the antioxidant property, which prevents the body from a neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s. Nutraceuticals like onion, spinach, garlic, hip rose, and parsley possesses the right amount of antioxidant activities.
  • Herbal Nutraceuticals play a significant role in healthy digestive function. 
  • Nutraceutical food elements help in increasing the reproductive ability in both male and female. Fish oil, Vitamin B12, Ubiquinone Q10 are such Nutraceutical supplements. 


Scientists have proven Nutraceuticals to be beneficial to the health, and their consumption has prevented several diseases which occur in the human body. Nutraceuticals help in maintaining the overall health of the body. The people of all age groups can consume Nutraceuticals for maintaining good health.