Seeds vs. Clones: the Best Way of Growing a Cannabis Plant

Having a baby in the form of a cannabis plant is a dream of many. Growing a cannabis plant offers various pleasures, both medical and recreational. However, the question of the day is which is the best way to grow a cannabis plant? You can grow cannabis plants in two ways- either from seed or by planting a clone. If you have decided to grow a cannabis plant, you have taken the first step towards becoming a cannabis dilettante. Apart from growing cannabis plant, you can find them on a seed store named as Dungeons Vault Genetics Seeds.

However, if it is your first time, an important decision you need to make is whether to raise a cannabis plant from a seed or a clone. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the wrong one can make a difference between success and failure. This article discusses the difference between growing a cannabis plant from these two methods and which one is the best of them.

Growing from Clones

A cannabis clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant that can be replanted and raised for producing buds. This process might seem easy as all you need is to replant the clone and raise it, but this method can be more complicated than growing a cannabis plant from seed. Plants are vulnerable to diseases and disorders, and since the clone is a genetic image of the parent, the clone will acquire the diseases from the parent if it had any. Moreover, as a beginner, it might get challenging for you o deal with plant-related diseases. 

Other than diseases, a clone can also post other challenges. A clone is sensitive, and needs extensive care, especially if it is a fresh clone and is first replanted. In the initial days of the plantation, the clone suffers transplant shock, which requires specific amounts of nutrients and lights. Transplant failures are prevalent, and new growers face this problem in large numbers. 

Another problem you can face with closes is the difficulty of finding them. You need to find a mature cannabis plant along with permission to cut the clone. And even if you get a clone, you cannot predict the quality of the strain. You have to spend some days in suspense until it is ready to test. You can purchase clones online, but it is a terrible idea as clones are sensitive. If you purchase them online, you should expect an unhealthy clone treated with preservatives and fungicides.

Are there any benefits of using clones? Yes, there is one benefit that the plant is already partially grown, and will not take much time to mature. Therefore, if using the cloning method, you can expect the yield to be sooner by 30-40 days. Therefore, if time is an issue for you, plus you are ready to take the challenge of raising a clone, you can go for the cloning method to grow a cannabis plant. 

Growing from Seeds

For an inexperienced grower, growing a cannabis plant from seed can be the most hassle-free and guaranteed method. If you feel growing a cannabis plant from seeds might be difficult that just replanting clones, read along, and you will change your mind. Firstly, you have the option of purchasing seeds from some of the best seed banks in the world, like the attitude seed bank. Purchasing seeds from seed banks ensure that the seeds you are about to plant are of the best available quality, and will produce guaranteed results. 

Another vital reason for using seeds is because that’s what is natural to a cannabis plant. Marijuana is an annual plant with a lifespan of one year. Therefore, a clone might already be old when you purchase it and might produce less yield and buds. And if you want quick results, seed banks also offer auto-flowering seeds. Auto-flowering seeds are carefully crossbred and conditioned in particular areas with extended daylight hours. In a nutshell, these seeds are exposed to a lot more daylight than required; therefore, they bloom quickly, usually in two to four weeks. 

Lastly, a plant that is grown from a seed possesses a healthy root structure. If you are not familiar with the root system of plants, understand that the taproot of a plant in the center of its root system, which grows deep inside the soil and absorbs essential nutrients. A clone cannot grow a tap root, and thus, its foundation will always be weak and unhealthy. On the other hand, a seed grows its tap root, assuring the adequate strength and health of the plant.

Conclusion: What Should You Do?

Although growing a plant from its seed is the best option possible, using clones is not a bad option either. The only major disadvantage of the cloning method is that you need to pay a lot of attention in the initial phase of the growth. On the other hand, growing a plant from a seed is easy and a hassle-free process.