Shows to Binge in Summer 2020

A movie may just be another form of entertainment for us but for the actors, it is a career. It takes quite a good deal of effort to enact a single scene of a movie or a play, for which the actors get rewarded in the form of a word of praise from the audience. Therefore, when someone says that we just made a list of best entertainment based movies and shows for you – it’s not rigid. It is not as easy as it sounds to think about all sorts of audiences while doing so, anyhow – we came up with the names of the shows that won Emmy nominations last year and are worth your time.

Something to keep in mind before going through the list is that not all these shows are available on cable so you might need a steady internet connection to binge at least some of these if not all. If you think your current connection sucks – just pick up the phone and ring up spectrum customer service. They don’t just buy you out of contracts but also help you settle comfortably with their services.

BoJack Horseman

Netflix’s elite animated comedy that became famous for its four seasons has recently become a matter of dispute among the critics, questioning the genre of comedy it follows. It is dark but it isn’t NOT humorous. After all, dark comedy is a genre rare for an animated series, and that is something we do understand. Yet, there are many things that BoJack Horseman can be appreciated for. First of all, Raphael Bob-Waksberg depicts a dangerous behavioral pattern in BoJack’s character in season 5. Secondly, he also takes a dive into masculine tendencies through this character which completely rounded the character of BoJack for the viewers. That’s something new to the industry of animated programs, and but quite something that worth bingeing and discussing profoundly.

Game of Thrones

Who can overlook Game of Thrones’ 32 nominations, the highest total for any show in one year? NYPD was the last show to pick 26 nominations back in 1994. Despite being one of the best, the show did become less exciting and surprising for the viewers over the last seasons. Still trying to register the big surprise, the audience awaits the results.


Here’s to a riotously funny and unbearably heartbreaking comedy series by Pheobe Waller-Bridge. What else can be said about this Amazon Prime’s series? It is one of the most promising nominees this year. One of the finest seasons of the decade that unraveled the deepest, untouched emotions in a series which the audience couldn’t help but applaud.

Schitt’s Creek

This irresistibly charming Pop TV’s series has finally found some recognition after years. Who could not but appreciate a finely crafted story that revolves around a wealthy family which loses everything, struggles and restores their repute in a small town? Legends like Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy are nothing less than two beautiful characters of the series that bind the viewers into their lives, owing to their seemingly effortless acting.

The Haunting of Hill House

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say The Haunting of Hill House was great. The story, characters, enactment and the outfits – all fit perfectly with the demands of the series. Although, what troubled the viewers, in general, was the ending, which we won’t tell and spoil for those who haven’t seen the show, there did seem like a hole in the plot in that area unless there is something big planned in the seasons to come. Nonetheless, nobody could outshine Elizabeth Reaser and Victoria Pedretti in the show. Their performances were indeed noteworthy. If you haven’t seen the show, get a reliable connection – I use AT&T internet or just choose their latest AT&T TV package, watch the show and share your views with us!