Best 5 Apps To Track Cell Phone Location

If you are looking to have a better control over your family, in order to ensure their ongoing safety and convenience, then tracking their cell phone location is one great way to make sure of that. Many people are keen to track cell phone locations, and the good news is that there are now so many options for software you can use for that exact purpose that you should never feel as though you can’t do it. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best five apps for tracking cell phone locations which you might want to consider using.

Family Orbit

If you are primarily concerned about the welfare and safety of your family, then you’ll want to look into getting the Family Orbit app . With this smartphone app, you can keep tabs on where your children and other family members are at all times, and you can make it easier to contact them as well. That’s great news if you are routinely worried about the wellbeing of your children, or you just want an easier way to get in touch with them generally. This is a real-time family locator that anyone can use easily on their computer at home.


This is a seamless monitoring app that has more than thirty features on it, and it is one of the best options out there for flawlessly and easily tracking a cell phone’s location at any time. It will track a phone in real time, and it will do so while hidden, so it’s a great option if you don’t want the other party to know what you are doing. It’s an easy and quick, secure install, and you can even track using the SIM card instead of the phone’s location.


This is designed for both Android and iOS devices, and it is another one that is focused primarily on ensuring that you can keep track of your family and make sure that they are safe. You can easily access their location live at any time, and it can be used to help locate the device should it ever become lost or stolen too. What’s more, it is entirely free of charge.


This app is marketed primarily to parents and employers, and no matter which situation you are in you will find it very useful as a means of tracking any cell phone you might need to track. You view the tracking results remotely via a web-based dashboard, and there is no mobile display for it. However, it is suitable for something like a taxi business.

Where’s My Droid

If you are simply in need of an Android phone, you can use Where’s My Droid to do so for free – it’s a simple app to install and use, and it is best known for its overall stripped-back design. However, it lacks some of the features of other apps like Family Orbit.

You have many options to choose between if you want to track a cell phone’s location, so take a look at these to get you started.