Every company needs a manager to oversee different departments. Managers are high-energy people who excel at leading a team of employees and meet the sales goals. In the present world, there is a growing need to have people with exceptional managerial and leadership qualities to enact positive change, contribute to a more vital world, and empower others. You can opt for administrative degrees in subjects that range from non-profit management to health administrators. You can become a manager in unlimited fields. The managerial field of work is expected to add more positions, with a growth of 6.9% in 2028. Industries see the tremendous demand for managers in retail, manufacturing, finance, and insurance. With such diversity in terms of fields, it gets a little confusing as to what degree you should pursue. Here are six management degrees that offer colossal career growth in the future:

Leadership and Management 

The Leadership and Management domain offers widespread exposure. It prepares the students to develop unique solutions and guide their teams to collaborate and solve the problem. The students have to find solutions to current issues faced by healthcare, education and public administration, and more. Moreover, you can opt for a degree in leadership and management online as several universities are offering very futuristic degrees under this umbrella. You can opt for Health Services Administration, Restaurant and Food Service Management, Hospitality Management, Engineering Management, and many more. 

Non-profit Management 

There is a high demand at the management level for a leader that can manage a non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations are increasing worldwide, ranging from union groups and political parties to churches and social welfare groups. You can get these jobs in the world of arts and culture, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. If you think non-profit management is your calling, understand how the non-profits work and pursue a degree in this subject. 

Research Administration 

In a highly competitive world, more and more organizations are now research-driven. Every organization is investing a significant chunk of its money in the Research and Development department. It creates importance for Research Administration, another management degree. But what does research administer do? As a research administrator, you will ensure that division managers and principal investigators handle research funding spending. You will also be responsible for ensuring department contracts and grants to comply with state and federal legal needs. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

A growing number of companies are committing to positive change, socially, globally, and locally.  Some of the corporate social responsibility examples include; reducing carbon footprint, purchasing fair trade products, engaging in charity work, volunteer work, and introducing labor policies. It also involves promoting environmentally conscious businesses that have garnered public support for the CSR compliant organizations. The CSR helps the companies to outline a model that outlines how an organization can be accountable to its staff, itself, the public, and its stakeholders, global and local environments. You can opt for either Master’s in Business Administration or Masters in Public Administration to pursue this managerial career. Remember that people are consciously prioritizing socially responsible businesses. You will not only earn a great deal but also gain a greater sense of purpose through your work. 

Health Informatics and Information Management 

Interested in healthcare but do not wish to provide direct patient care? Health Informatics and Information Management offers an exciting career prospect for you to work with healthcare. It blends the healthcare information systems with business management and administration. You can land a job in various organizations, including clinics, hospitals, home health agencies, rehabilitation centers, insurance agencies, health plans, educational institutions, government agencies, and vendor organizations. It is a highly data-driven field where information technology is incorporated to store and retrieve patient data along with using the data, analyzing it, and delivering care to the patient based on data. 

Emergency and Crisis Management 

In a rapidly evolving world, uncertainty is only natural. Every organization has to prepare itself for any unexpected event or disruption, which would lead to harm to the stakeholders of the organization or the organization itself. With a growing sense of social responsibility, organizations are hiring specialists for emergency and crisis management. A degree in this field would increase your worth for organizations, but it’s a high-pressure career. So if you think you can take the pressure and deliver, this is an excellent option in the managerial domain. 


These six degrees are more future-oriented as social responsibility and technology are the next big thing. Organizations are quickly moving towards enacting positive results on society, along with increasing their profits. It is a very tricky thing to achieve, so these six managerial degrees are considered prestigious with exemplary future growth. 

It doesn’t mean that managerial degrees such as human resources, marketing, or finance hold no value. They are equally essential, but growth is something that is everyone’s preference. So if you don’t wish to be static in your career, choose from these six management degrees. The fair bit about these courses is that you don’t necessarily have to be on campus as these courses are offered online by several good universities. So you are just a few clicks away from a very lasting and stable career.