Spine Health

Six Tips For Buying A Mattress For Your Spine Health

Spine Health

A good or bad mattress can spell the difference between having a good night’s sleep or a restless one.

With plenty of mattresses to choose from, purchasing a new piece can be overwhelming. Quality brands like  A.H. Beard mattresses can be a solution. It is especially the case if you suffer from back or neck pain. 

It is crucial to obtain the best mattress that eases your back pain. Although choosing a mattress will ultimately be dependent on your personal preference, this article provides valid tips to help you in your buying journey.

Understand the different mattress materials

Before purchasing a mattress, it is important to familiarise yourself with the common types of mattresses and their construction.

  • Innerspring mattresses utilize coils that provide balance and solid support. 
  • Latex mattresses have more bounce and responsiveness, and they tend to be cooler.
  • Memory foam mattresses are devised to mold to the body shape, which may help ease the pressure. Users of memory foam report that this material sleeps warm.
  • Hybrid mattresses are a mix of memory foam and latex layers with incorporated innerspring. The goal of this mattress type is to provide a combination of softness and firm support.
  • Air mattresses utilize an air pump to inflate the mattress to the desired firmness. In many cases, each side of the bed utilizes a separate air chamber that can accommodate two sleepers with different preferences.

Products like A.H. Beard mattresses are also rated on firmness. Overall, a mattress that is too age-worn or soft may not provide optimum support for the spine.

Consult with your health care provider.

If you are diagnosed with a back or neck condition, consult your doctor or physical therapist about their recommendation. Your aim should be to have your neck and lower back in a neutral position while lying on the mattress to help promote good spinal alignment. Although doctors are not experts on mattresses, they understand your medical history and may have good suggestions based on your needs.

Watch out for false marketing

Some sellers label their mattresses as orthopedic or medically approved. Bear in mind that no medical organization supports mattresses to carry these labels. Although mattresses may have some orthopedic supportive features, no medical group can validate these claims.

Firm mattresses aren’t always the best 

Before purchasing a hard or firm mattress, you must think twice. Studies determined that the best mattress for low back pain is not a firm mattress but one in the medium-firm range. There is also a difference between firm support and firm feel. Although you want firm support, it must have a comfortable feel. 

Consider adjustable beds

If you are more comfortable sitting on a recliner than lying on a mattress, a good option is an adjustable bed. This enables you to elevate your head and knees slightly to ease lower back pressure.

Check the trial periods and return policies

Most mattress companies will offer a trial and guarantee free returns after a specific time frame if the product doesn’t meet your needs. But make certain to read the fine print and understand all the details.

A higher price tag doesn’t equate to higher-quality

You may have the notion that a higher sticker price means a better mattress. But a steep price is not always an assurance of premium quality. It may not even guarantee that you will find the mattress comfortable. Instead, thoroughly research the materials and construction and allow your personal preference to be your guide.

A mattress is an essential investment that can impact the health of your spine and your sleep quality. It is crucial to take the time to find the best mattress that fits your needs.

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