Smart Lighting in Thailand Makes the Country Safer

Smart Lighting in Thailand Makes the Country Safer for Residents

‘Smart lighting’ is becoming a buzz phrase in the world of city planning and architecture. But what does it mean? Smart lighting in Thailand means increased safety for residents in public, commercial and private areas around the country. It also means utilizing the latest technology in lighting to considerable costs.

At a practical level, smart lighting uses the smaller lighting fixtures that contain LED lighting elements to increase an area’s illumination dramatically. The use of sensors and pre-programmed timers to turn these fixtures on and off is another aspect of smart lighting. But with the modern capabilities of digital technology, smart lighting can be controlled from a smartphone as well.

The creation of LED lighting technology has enabled the smart lighting revolution. The technology has meant that smaller and lighter lamps and lighting fixtures could be used in lighting applications. These applications once would have necessitated large, heat-producing, and expensive lighting fixtures. The fixtures also used a lot of power and therefore, were expensive to run.

Converging Technologies Enables Smart Lighting in Thailand

Sensors and timers have around for quite a while. But with the convergence of LED technology and digital technology, these sensors and timers can now be repurposed as elements of smart lighting in Thailand.

The streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket Town can now be made safer for residents and visitors. Universities and businesses that occupy immense tracts of land can now increase the security of their grounds.

But the best part of the smart lighting revolution is that this safety and security is becoming so affordable, that taking advantage of it is an easy choice to make.

By combining the benefits of new LED lighting and digital technologies, with existing sensor and timer technologies, the concept of smart lighting became a reality that is both inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

Harnessing More for Less

One of the many benefits of LED lighting is it allows you to accomplish much more with a lot less. The ratio of illumination to size is much greater in LEDs than in incandescent lighting. This means that smaller LED fixtures emit much more light than larger incandescent fixtures. And they do it at a much lower cost.

This means that city planners, architects and homeowners as well around the country can harness the benefits of smart lighting in Thailand.

For architects and city planners, this means they can eliminate blind spots and shadows in a park or area surrounding business and provide an extra margin of safety and security to people using the grounds. The smaller, brighter and easily-installed LED lamps offer this ability.

Homeowners can turn on the lights to their home from their smartphone while they’re returning home, or control their lighting at home while they’re away.

The cost benefits of smart lighting in Thailand are undeniable and leading the way to a more efficient, safer and more secure tomorrow in the cities and homes of Thailand.