Social Isolation With CBD: Seven Tips On How To Stay Healthy Indoors

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, each person around the globe has experienced changes in everyday lives. The speed of virus spread requires humans to spend more time indoors and distance themself from usual activities and social gatherings. While these boundaries are vital, when home becomes your entire world, it can be easy to put mental health and wellness on the back shelf.

At present, many people are looking for ways to navigate this new living and maintain positive thinking, productive, and normal way of life. The worldwide epidemic and challenging conditions most countries are currently facing, make CBD and its benefits even more valuable as it’s known for its pain and stress-relieving, sleep-regulating, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory effects. Why not transform your home into a safe mini-shelter with the help of natural remedy? Let’s draw attention to seven possible ways to use CBD products to promote a happier, healthier, and stress-free quarantine experience.

Start Your Day Right

A consistent morning routine centres your body and mind before you begin a day. Create a mindful morning by adding CBD to your morning beverages such as tea, coffee, juice, smoothie, or any drink of your choice. Such addition helps you relax, diminish stress, promote better focus, and get ready to take on the day.

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a naturally occurring substance that is known as an effective stress-reducer and mood-booster. By stimulating special receptors in the brain, it can help to regulate primary functions that are happening in an organism, such as sleep, mood, immune function, appetite, pain, memory, temperature, etc. 

Use CBD Infused Hand Sanitiser

As the number one protective action is to wash your hands properly and frequently, or in the alternative, to use a hand sanitiser, having a suitable hand sanitiser around the house is essential. Responding to the high demand for a hand sanitizer that both soothes and sanitises, many companies are stepping up to fill in the gaps. 

CBD infused hand sanitisers usually contain CBD to soothe skin and alcohol to sterilise hands with the addition of vitamins to moisturise and keep skin from over-drying. The active formula of products provides effectiveness at eliminating the most common germs and bacteria.

Also, CBD hand sanitisers are considered less harsh for the skin as they maintain moisture in the epidermis, unlike antiseptic soap and water.

Cook With CBD

While most individuals are no longer commuting to work, there is extra time to spend in the kitchen and try out some brand new recipes. Check out videos from world-class and celebrity chefs on how to improve pancake, pasta, and other meal techniques.

If you are keen on picking up new kitchen skills, consider taking online cooking classes and watching demos or nightly cooking streams for additional inspiration.

Also, you can incorporate a few drops of CBD oil into a cooking routine to spice up your cooking experience, support a well-balanced diet, and add wellness benefits into a nutrition system. Experiment with cooking different meals, salads, and desserts with CBD oil to supply precious cannabinoids to the body. Such oil intake is a simple way to intake the needed dosage and enjoy mealtime while enchasing your health condition.

Try Out Bath Bombs

During these difficult times, taking a warm bath is one of the pleasant and most satisfying ways to unwind. It can also lead to restful sleep, muscle pain relief, as well as increased blood flow and circulation. 

The health advantages of a warm bath before bed are increased with the use of CBD infused bath bombs. CBD bath bombs provide a topical application of CBD and penetrate the top skin layers to work together with cannabinoid receptors. Bath bombs also often infused with aromatic essential oils to improve benefits to your skin by soothing moisturizing it.

Slip into total relaxation by lighting a fragrant candle, placing sparkling CBD bath bomb into a tube, and grabbing the magazine or book you have meant to read.   

Stay Active

Since gyms are closed, you can use your room or any suitable place for your workouts. Regular exercise is important not only for good health but also for mental well-being, so be sure to get in physical activity.

You can complete a free online workout video, do a 30-minute yoga session, take a power-walk around the block, or even hold a mini-dance party with your family.

With CBD addition, you can improve your exercise regime and increase energy, stamina, and focus. It can also help to relieve pain and inflammation, reduce post-workout recovery to continue on your journey toward physical and mental health.

Meditate With CBD

As a work-life balance blur, it’s essential not to forget about proper self-care and saving of a positive mindset during the extended quarantine period. Make sure to shift your focus toward your mental health by doing activities that help to diminish stress and promote happiness. 

Daily meditation helps to reduce stress, activate concentration, and produce an overall sense of well-being. Just sitting in a comfortable position and meditating for a few minutes before you start your day may help inculcate a sense of mindfulness. 

The key to effective and healthy practice of meditation is to keep stillness and focus. CBD compound has been known to stimulate focus while balancing hormonal levels that are connected with the brain’s ability to manage anxiety, concentrate, and regulate mood changes. 

Try Aromatherapy

Studies suggest that aromatherapy is an effective method to unwind, promote better mood, regulate sleep issues, decrease heart rate, and blood pressure. This practice requires the use of various fragrant essential oils to help reduce stress and anxiety while improving health and vitality. The soothing oils can be inhaled directly, added to a tub, or a diffuser. 

Most individuals prefer to use essential oils such as lavender, clary sage, bergamot, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang. However, CBD oil can be a natural and potent complement to aromatherapy to enhance health and wellness. Add a few drops of CBD oil in a diffuser to increase focus and energy or spray onto a pillow before sleep to relax.