Stained Teeth-Culprit Foods to Avoid

Oral hygiene is essential, and not taking proper care of your teeth may cause infections and stains. However, brushing and flossing alone won’t prevent tooth stains. Shun certain foods and drinks, for they may cause poor dental health.

What are the foods to avoid? Read on to find out.

  1. Red wine

Wine is believed to promote heart health, prevents swelling and combats gum disease. But a few sips can negatively affect your teeth. Red wine causes teeth staining, and you should consume white wine or swish water instead. If you have stained teeth that are also cracked or broken, you can still renew your smile with dental veneers. Veneers Melbourne offers both porcelain and composite veneers, and the cosmetic dentists will give you a reason to smile again.

  1. Tea

We can’t talk of healthy gums and not discuss the effect of tea on oral health. Tea contains tannins, which are commonly known for staining teeth. Tea also slackens teeth, causes bad breath, dry mouth, and many other problems. So, if you are one of those tea addicts, then you may have to consider green tea or any other type of herbal tea.

  1. Black coffee

Coffee is a great drink that stimulates you when feeling sleepy. However, a cup of coffee may be more dangerous than you may think. It attacks your teeth’s enamel, which weakens and degenerates your teeth. Once this happens, you’re left dealing with problems like yellow teeth, loose gums, and worn out teeth. It’s therefore advisable to mix your coffee with milk, and this will furnish you with calcium and vitamin D that will give your teeth a firm foundation.

  1. Soda drinks

Sodas are favorite among adults and kids alike. But they are not good either. A soda drink will affect your enamel and gums, causing staining and tooth decay. If you’re considering substituting soda drinks with sugar-free sodas, you won’t have solved anything either.

Sugar-free sodas are also responsible for stained teeth and tooth decay. They contain elements like Phosphoric Acid and Citric Acid, and these cause enamel erosion. Consider using a straw when drinking your favorite drink, and this will inhibit staining dyes from staining your teeth.

  1. Berries

Berries are laden with antioxidants that are suitable for a healthy body. Unfortunately, they have staining properties and can ruin your teeth. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries all have intense colors and acidity, which causes staining. If you must eat some berries, drink something after and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. A glass of milk will also help in neutralizing acidity and strengthen your teeth.

  1. Pasta sauce /Curry

Tomatoes in pasta sauces can make your teeth vulnerable. They are acidic and brightly colored with a tendency of clinging onto the teeth. Pasta sauce quickly penetrates your enamel leaving unsightly teeth stains. On the other hand, curry commonly used in Indian dishes is highly pigmented. Although many love it in rice and soups, it’s deep yellow hue can cause tooth stains over time.

  1. Beets

Beets are packed with nutrients and are excellent health boosters. They are even more potent than many other fruits available in the market. But, they can stain virtually anything that you touch, and this is what they do to your teeth. Although many people rinse their mouths after consuming them, this may not be enough. The best way to keep stains in check is by brushing your teeth immediately after eating beets.

The bottom line

Stained teeth can be a turn-off, especially when attending social events. We all love to have beautiful white teeth and laugh as much as possible. But, if you are not comfortable with your stained teeth, all is not lost. Avoid the foods mentioned above, and this will be a big step to better oral health.