StaJe Giving 100 “BlackGenes” sweaters to the “Black Lives Matter” movement

Justin Payne who is a famous actor and a musician known as StaJe. StaJe is a talented multi-faced artist and is very popular. People love his soulful music and are heartfelt to many. He is a humble person and considers himself just as a simple artist despite of so much fame.

His new single 4 AM in K. Town was very famous all over the world and people from all age groups loved it. He has also acted in lots of Hollywood movies and one of the most famous actors who has won many awards too.

Staje is also the founder of Fam Entertainment, which is a famous music label. At present, this brand is growing and he is sure that it will become very popular due to the hard work of him and his partners who are part of this venture. He is sure that the struggle will be a thing of the past

Staje loves music and fashion, but along with that, he has few more things to look at too. He is also got talent as a prolific writer and wrote poetry and books, which are very well written. He also likes to be fit and is a gym enthusiast and runs for about 5 miles at least 5 days a week. This helps him to keep in shape and makes things much easier.

Staje loves his fans and has some wisdom for them, he says we live once and says try to live better than yesterday and the raining days will go away. So a good time will soon follow.

Staje is also a Fashion Designer and he launched a clothing brand called BlackGenes, which offers fashionable clothing at affordable pricing. Staje has always had lots of interest in clothing and fashion from a young age and that has motivated him to go ahead with BlackGenes.

He is someone who feels for all irrelevant of the skin color. He has always got in his heart to stand for all people and that why he called his brand Black Genes. StaJe is planning to give away about 100 “BlackGenes” sweaters for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. This is a very positive step and is something that is going to have a great positive impact on society too. It will help to highlight the cause due to the popularity of StaJe.